Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Review, Specs, Features, Price: Dubbed as Samsung's Best Looking Overpriced Metal Smartphone?

Oct 09, 2014

Samsung is known for its high-performing and tech-forward smartphones; however, aesthetic appeal has been a dark hole against Samsung's line of products. Now they are introducing their first stylish handset - Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

The Good Wife

'The Good Wife Season 6' Spoilers: Alicia Makes Big Decision, Michael Fox, Carrie Preston Much Awaited Scenes

Oct 09, 2014

"The Good Wife Season 6" is expected to answer the audience’s most anticipated question – will Alicia Florrick run for State’s Attoney?


'Haider' Box Office Collection Review: Movie Does Not Disappoint However Collection Fails Expectations

Oct 09, 2014

'A bitter sweet reception' - that is the best description for "Haider" box office collection. After garnering positive rave reviews about the Indian adaptation of William Shakespeare's Hamlet, Financial Express reported "Haider" box office collections in India have not met the anticipated amount.

Bones Season 10

'Bones Season 10' Episode 3 'The Purging of the Pundit' Spoilers: After a Gloomy Episode It's Time to Move On, New Case Underway

Oct 09, 2014

"Bones" 10th installment's third episode, titled "The Purging of the Pundit," is said to feature a new murder case involving a radio host with deep secrets. As the two detectives solve the case, they are set to uncover dark secrets that will soon lead them to the killer.

The New Windows 10

Windows 10 Release Date, Latest News: Explained Why Windows 9 Skipped - Improved Features Hope To Save MIicrosoft After Windows 8 Failure

Oct 08, 2014

Pre-empting the rumors and news, Microsoft has already announced the release of its new operating system. Tech Radar recently reported that the launch of Microsoft Windows 10 on the middle or later part of 2015.

The Maze Runner 2

'The Maze Runner' Movie Series: A Thrilling and Polarizing Success - Second P-Part Tipped On September 2015

Oct 08, 2014

"The Maze Runner" is one of those few novels based on YA books that can be considered as anointed.


'Deadpool' Movie Update: 'Merch With a Mouth' Will Star in His Own PG-13 Movie In 2016

Oct 08, 2014

Good news for Marvel Comics' "Deadpool," fans! The "Merc with a Mouth" will have its first big screen debut solo film on February 2016. "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" cast member Ryan Reynolds will reprise his role as Wade Wilson aka "Deadpool."

The Raid:Redemption

'The Raid: Redemption' U.S. Remake Update, Rumors And Speculations: Casting and Other Details

Oct 08, 2014

"The Raid: Redemption" is a cleverly put together martial arts action flick, which blends high-octane action with ingenious camera angles. "The Raid: Redemption" remake will fall under the direction of "The Expendables 3" director, Patrick Hughes, and Jon and Erich Hoeber will pen the script.

Game of Thrones

'Game Of Thrones' Season 5 Costly 'NUDE SCENE' - Hired 200 Security Crews To Avoid Leaks?

Oct 08, 2014

Game of Thrones Season 5 can be considered the most expensive season of the franchise after a scene cost $200,000, Cinema Blend reported.

A shot from Fast and Furious 7

'Fast & Furious 7' Trailer Will Be Out On November - Walker And Trailer Will Shock the World

Oct 07, 2014

The long wait is over! Fans of the thrilling and action-packed movie series will finally have a glimpse on the trailer of the seventh installment of "Fast and Furious."

House Of Cards Season 3

'House of Cards Season 3' Premiere Date: Rumored To Take Political Issues In An International Level On February 2015

Oct 07, 2014

It was rumored that the third season will be shown on the month of February 2015, just like the first two seasons of this Netflix political drama series.

Go Pro Hero 4

GoPro Hero 3+ vs. GoPro Hero 4 - GoPro Unveils New High Performance Action Cameras; Video Recording Experience, Price and Other Features Compared!

Oct 07, 2014

GoPro has updated its action cameras with a better video recording and touch screen features, Christian Post reported. After buzzing rumors for several days, the company has finally unveiled its new set of high performance cameras.

Project Ara

'Project Ara' Release Date: Google's First Modular Smartphone Takes You to The Next Level! DIY Phone Ship Date For Developers Tipped for July 2015

Oct 06, 2014

Finally! Google's first smartphone has a structural frame. The feature of the first modular smartphone allows users to swap out storage, camera, and put personalized phone in a whole new level.

Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain

'Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain' New Screenshots, 'Ground Zeroes' Arriving To Steam Earlier Than Expected [DEMO]

Oct 06, 2014

"Phantom Pain" is slated to be released for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in 2015.