Apple iPad Air 2

Apple Shares Down: Company's Shares Dip After It Unveils its Newest Product Line

Oct 20, 2014

Apple has recently unveiled the company's newest products, which include the Apple iPhone 6, the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Mini 3 and the iPad Air 2.

Survivor 2014

'Survivor 2014' News - Two Survivors Evicted Intentionally, Recap of Blood Versus Water Episode

Oct 20, 2014

The 4th episode had viewers shocked and if you haven't been able to watch the most recent episode, here is what you need to know about what has happened in "Survivor 2014" so far.

Grey's Anatomy

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 11 Episode 4 Recap: 'Only Mama Knows' Make Viewers Recall Haunting yet Beautiful Moments

Oct 20, 2014

No one can doubt the success and the popularity of the hit drama TV show, on the ABC channel, titled "Grey's Anatomy." One proof of this is the fact that the show is already in its eleventh season. The season is already on its fourth episode, with the latest being named "Only Mama Knows."

The Good Wife

'The Good Wife' Spoilers: Kalinda Set to Leave the Show After the Sixth Season - Reasons Why Archie Panjabi Has to Bid Goodbye

Oct 20, 2014

"The Good Wife" is one of the CBS' successful TV drama series, seeing that it is now on its sixth season. Now that the show has been renewed for another season, viewers will be sad to know that they would have to see another core cast member leave the set.

The Big Bang Theory

'The Big Bang Theory' Season 8 Spoilers - Highlights of the Show That You May Want to Know

Oct 20, 2014

If you are one of the million avid fans of the "The Big Bang Theory," then you know that the TV series went through a bit of drama, before it was signed up for another season. So, if you are wondering what's in store for you, here are some "The Big Bang Theory" Season 8 spoilers, you may want to know about.

Supernatural Season 10

'Supernatural Season 10' Episode 3 Spoilers: Angel, Demon Team Up, Winchester Brothers Showdown

Oct 20, 2014

With the Winchester brothers, being back for the 10th season of the hit TV series "Supernatural", more and more fans are becoming excited to know what will happen next. We're done with the first two episodes of the series, the next episode will be aired Tuesday, Oct. 21, and a lot of people are looking for "Supernatural season 10" spoilers.

GTA 5 PS4 Xbox One

'GTA 5' Online QnA: Latest QnA Video Reveals Information About 'Heist DLC' Being Released Earlier than Expected and Other Questions Answered

Oct 20, 2014

GTA 5 will soon be made available to next gen consoles however no specific date yet was announced. Fortunately, in the more recent "GTA 5" online QnA, juicy details about the game's newest update has been revealed.

Reign Season 2

'Reign' Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: 'Coronation' Recap, Francis and Mary Prepped for the Coronation Ceremony and a Look at What the Future Has in Store for the Royal Couple

Oct 20, 2014

If you missed the "Reign" episode on the CW channel last Thursday, Oct.16, then you may be wondering what happened, especially to the royal couple Francis (played by Toby Regbo) and May (played by Adelaide Kane).

iOS 8

iOS 8 Jailbreak Release Date Still A Mystery; Jailbreak Group Refuses to Release Program Until Operating System Is Stable

Oct 19, 2014

Some were happy with the latest and newest iOS 8 features, while some were wishing that they did not upgrade at all. Since more problems will just ensue if they were to downgrade and go back to iOS7, Apple users just have one choice left - to have their devices subjected to an iOS8 jailbreak.

Iron Man and Captain America

‘Captain America 3’ Updates: ’Iron Man’ to Appear in Civil War-Themed Movie, 'Captain America vs Iron Man' To Happen?

Oct 17, 2014

“Iron Man” will play an important role in the upcoming “Captain America 3” as Robert Downey Jr. is said to be ‘on the verge’ of closing a contract for the character. Because of Iron Man’s key role in the upcoming movie, “Captain America 3” is rumored to have a potential drastic change just like what happened to “Superman vs Batman” movie.


Apple, Facebook To Pay For Female Employees' Freezing of Eggs; Aim to Retain, Attract Female Talents

Oct 17, 2014

Apple and Facebook are one of the companies with male founders. Apple has Steve Jobs and Facebook has Mark Zuckerberg.But as call for equality between man and woman in workplace heats up again, the giants of Silicon Valley will now aim to attract and retain their female talents by paying for a woman's 'game-changing perk'.

Assassin's Creed

'Assassin's Creed' Release Date for PC: First Look at the Characters, Set To Launch on 2015 for PC

Oct 17, 2014

Finally, the "Assassin's Creed: Rouge" release date for the PC is set on 2015.

Google Glass

Google Glass Updates its Notification Sync; Maps Includes Route Overview Feature - First Internet Google Glass Explorer Addict Reported

Oct 17, 2014

After a resounding silence, Google has finally release a new update on its wearable gadget, Google Glass.

Playstation TV

Playstation TV Release in US at $99; Stylish Little Device Does Not Deliver Its Expected Features

Oct 17, 2014

The Japanese electronics conglomerate has recently delivered its newest treat for the gamers, the Playstation TV. Sony’s newest micro-console was released commercially in the U.S. and Canada last Tuesday.

Star wars Rebels promo banner

'Stars Wars Rebels' Animated Series Aims to Attract New-Gen Followers - Action Scenes Based on 'Indiana Jones'

Oct 17, 2014

It's still more than a year to go before the much anticipated seventh installment of an iconic sci-fi film will be shown in theaters. But as the fans clamor for more "Stars Wars" franchise, Disney released an animated series based on the well-loved movie franchise.