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  • Brian Free “Signature Ballads” Album Review

    Brian Free doesn't believe in padding. Free touts that every song in each of his record serves a purpose. And each track has been carefully and prayerfully chosen to enhance the theme(s) of the project. This means he doesn't believe padding his albums with filler songs. Such a conviction is largely upheld over the course of Brian Free & Assurance's lengthy career.

  • Daystar Worship “Light Will Find” EP Review

    It's become a trend these days that churches of some considerable size would want their worship teams to release their own music. And it's even trendier now that record companies are just as keen to make these records available as it is easier to meet budget if a large swath of members from these megachurches would each purchase a copy. As a result, the quality of worship music plummets. Just because a church is huge doesn't automatically means that their music is anointed or even inspired. Daystar Worship is one of those exceptions to the rule.

  • Keith & Kristyn Getty “Getty Kids Hymnal: In Christ Alone” Album Review

    Two words in the titular of the Getty's new record need unpacking. They are "kids" and "hymnal."

  • Selah “Unbreakable” Album Review

    Selah's "Unbreakable" makes the listening experience pleasurable by avoiding one perennial error. Unlike many of their peers, they are not myopic.

  • Joseph Habedank “Resurrection” Album Review

    The success or the failure of a concept album all gravitates around the concept. Sometimes the major theme that gives definition to the whole project can be far too light-hearted or far too novel, making the album sound frivolous and unimportant.

  • Greg Sykes “Reverse” EP Review

    Ardent fans of worship music would have been impressed by the name Greg Sykes. In our age of individualism where the "self" is prime, we have often shielded ourselves from the persecuted church. But not Sykes.

  • Laura Story “Open Hands” Album Review

    Every Laura Story album has at least one story that completely pulverizes. Each of her preceding record has at least one song that jumps right out of the speakers and lingers with you for the longest haul. Who could forget her signature ballad and title tune of her 2013 effort "Blessings"?

  • NewSpring Worship “Able” Album Review

    There are worship songs and there are worship songs that take you for a heavenly ride; they transport you right into the throne of heaven. Some of the songs on NewSpring Worship's album belong to the latter.

  • Nathan Jess “Phoenix” Album Review

    Nathan Jess writes with a pastor's heart. Few worship leaders and songwriters today take the time to ruminate upon the deep recesses of the human heart. Even fewer are the songwriters who reflect in their songs how God does meet, engage, and transforms our hearts. Nathan Jess does this well with a heartfelt perspicuity. With the steep acceleration of broken families and single parent homes, for instance, how many worship songs actually give articulation to this issue?

  • Lawson Bates “What Country Means to Me” Album Review

    You know you are dealing with a sublime album when you cannot even choose your favorite cuts to write about. Every one of these 12 songs is a winner. Lawson Bates may be only 24 years-old but he likes like one of those stellar traditional country music scribes from of yore such as Mike Reid, Paul Overstreet, and even Harlan Howard.


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