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  • The Beelers “You’re Loved” Album Review

    At its grassroots, Southern Gospel music is country music with a Christian lyrical content. So, how country does Southern Gospel music needs to get? On one hand, you have groups like Legacy Five and Ernie Haase & Signature Sound who are not reticent to incorporate a zest of jazz to their sound giving their records a more sophisticated Broadway swing.

  • Top 10 Worship Songs of 2016

    Check out our top favorite songs of 216.

  • Zach Williams “Chain Breaker” Album Review

    Once in a while, there's going to be one song that is going to grasp the hearts of many en masse. Twenty years or so ago it was Darlene Zschech's "Shout to the Lord;" an overtly Christian song that was so powerful that all the contestants of American Idol decided to sing it together before presence of the entire globe.

  • Ian Yates “Awaken to Love” Album Review

    This is an album that almost never happened. After three solo outings, British worship leader Ian Yates was about to call it a day. If this were the case, it would have been a great loss to the church and the Kingdom of God. Maybe it's because of his British pedigree, "Awaken to Love" does doesn't snugly fit into the worship music genre.

  • Our Favorite Worship Albums of 2016

    This year we have been blessed with a deluge of top drawer worship albums. In an effort to help worship leaders acquaint wth the swath of releases, we have picked our favorites. We hope these albums will become great resources for worship leaders as they lead their churches in worship. In order for an album to qualify for this list, the record must be released in 2016 and they must be submitted to us for review. Here's our list of favorites with excerpts of our reviews.

  • Our Favorite New Christmas Albums of 2016

    Every year, come October to December, we are drenched with a torrent of Christmas albums. We have decided to select, out of the numerous albums sent our way, our 7 favorites. In order to qualify, the record needs to be released this year and they need to have had been sent to us. So, after much deliberations and thoughts, here are our favorites (with excerpts from our reviews).

  • John Berry “Christmas” Album Review

    Vocally John Berry is in a class of his own. Unlike many of his peers, John Berry has an operatic resonance in his voice that calls to mind Gary Morris. Yet, he doesn't sound aloof or far too classical. His ability to inflect his vocals to reflect the emotional nuances of his songs makes him contemporary and palatable.

  • Brooke Fraser “A Sides” Album Review

    Brooke Fraser is an enigma. On one hand, she writes and leads some of Hillsongs' most Christ-exalting worship songs geared for the worship of the masses. Over the last 14 years, Fraser has crafted the soundtrack of corporate worship with tunes such as Hillsong UNITED's and Hillsong Worship's "Hosanna," "What a Beautiful Name It Is," "None But Jesus," "You'll Come," "Desert Song" among many others.

  • The Rock Music “Awakened by Hope” Album Review

    Fronted by worship leader Steele Croswhite, The Rock Music is an independent movement of music working as a collaboration of musicians who are dedicated to writing, recording and performing relevant Christ-centered music without compromise.

  • New Hope Oahu “Hope of All Hopes” Album Review

    You can't judge a book by its cover. This adage is particularly true when it comes to New Hope Oahu's debut Christmas release for the enterprising DREAM Records. With a silvery words typeset against a black background, "Hope of All Hopes" looks more like one of those "20 of the Latest Pop Songs" compilations than a festive offering.


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