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  • Vertical Church “Vertical Church” Album Review

    After 4 live albums, Vertical Church surprises fans by dropping their debut studio studio album. But before fans get overly excited over this release, this is essentially a "greatest hits" collection with songs being re-recorded with different lead vocalists and reimagined with slightly different arrangements.

  • Alisa Turner “Alisa Turner” EP Review

    Alisa Turner has a voice that pulverizes. With a striking clarity of a Jenn Johnson, a worshipping lilt of Darlene Zschech, and an undergirding Holy-Spirit-power of Kim Walker-Smith, Tuner makes you stop and worship along when she sings. One of the reasons why Turner is such an attention grabber is because she has the uncanny ability of expressing both joy and suffering in her nuances.

  • Fernando Ortega “Crucifixion of Jesus” Album Review

    To borrow a cliché: they don't make concept albums like Fernando Ortega's "Crucifixion of Jesus" anymore. You can hardly find albums these days where each song contributes a vital part to the album's storyline. Unadulterated by the insatiable want for radio hits or the tyranny to be hip, "Crucifixion of Jesus" is a meditative set where liturgy and contemporary balladry meet.

  • Nichole Nordeman “Every Mile Mattered” Album Review

    Many publications are going to sing the praises of this record. There won't be a shortfall of 5 star reviews. Indeed, Nichole Nordeman is a stellar lyricist. She waxes sublime poetry with keening insights and acute observations in her songs. You will never hear her spinning clichés or borrowing phrases from Darlene Zschech or Natalie Grant.

  • Third Day “Revival” Album Review

    Revival, simply put, is in a league of its own. Though you can find threads of Southern Gospel, urban Gospel, worship, and CCM interwoven into its sonic tapestry, it bears a patented Third Day sound.

  • Seventh Day Slumber “Found” Album Review

    Don't let the bombastic hooks, the swaggering backbeats and the chest-thumping guitar sounds of "Found" make you think that this is yet another exercise in machismo. Rather, "Found" is the Seventh Day Slumber most vulnerable and honest record to date.

  • Corey Voss “Songs of Heaven and Earth Vol. 1” EP Review

    Melodies of worship music need to have an echoing component. This means that the tunes need to stick with the average congregant so that they can sing them in their leisure personal worship time. Too often worship songs lack a memorability factor. This is not so with Corey Voss.

  • The Inspirations “The One in the Water” Album Review

    Sometimes less is more. You don't have to command a whole orchestra to impress. Rather, using a simple three-piece band of piano, acoustic stand-up bass, and acoustic guitar with other instruments sparingly utilized to augment than to overwhelm, there is a simplicity to their mountain Gospel sound that is refreshing.

  • Chris Sayburn “Saved by Grace” Album Review

    Chris Sayburn is a churchman writing music for the worship of God's people. Such an ambition itself is not only honorable and lofty, but it's a crying need for today.

  • Andy Garcia “Forever We Sing” Album Review

    Andy Garcia has a voice that commands attention. Immediately when he starts singing, he leaps right out of the speakers and grabs us at the heart.


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