Lizzie Mcguire

'Lizzie Mcguire' Reunion 2015: True or Purely Rumors?

Oct 15, 2014

If you have been a long-time fan of "Lizzie Maguire," it's highly possible that you have heard about the rumors of a "Lizzie Maguire Reunion 2015" release - so, is this reunion really happening or are these speculations - purely rumors?


'Legend of Korra Book 4' Episode 2 Recap: A Review of the 2nd Episode and An Overview on Episode 3

Oct 15, 2014

Did you miss the second episode of the animated TV series "Legend of Korra, Book 4"? In this "Legend of Korra, Book 4" Episode 2 recap, we will talk about the key highlights of the episode, titled "Korra Alone."

Battlefield 4

'Battlefield 4' Premium Edition Release Date: Set To Release Later This Month; 5 DLC Pack Included - No Premium Access for Xbox 360 Users

Oct 15, 2014

Are you one of the thousands of other gamers who have long been waiting for news about the "Battlefield 4 Premium Edition" release date? EA Games has finally revealed information on when the scheduled launching will be.

Sony Experia Z3v

Sony Xperia Z3v: The First Smartphone for Verizon from Sony; Modified Device Between Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z3

Oct 15, 2014

For the first time ever, customers of Verizon Wireless will now have the chance to get their hands on a Sony mobile phone and this is in the form of the Sony Xperia Z3v.


'Poppins/Mary Poppins' 2016 News: Is a Mary Poppins Reboot For Real?

Oct 15, 2014

Earlier this year, in March to be more specific, a poster claiming to be for the movie "Poppins/Mary Poppins 2016" came out. Is this Mary Poppins reboot for real or just a hoax?

Da Vinci's Demons

'Da Vinci's Demons' Spoilers and Season 3 News: Lucrezia Left Leonardo to Prove Her Worthiness

Oct 15, 2014

Just a couple of days ago at the New York Comic Con event, the Managing Director of Starz, Carmi Zlotnik, made a few exciting updates on some of its upcoming shows, with "Black Sails" being the headliner. There were also some "Da Vinci's Demons" spoilers and Season 3 news updates shared as well.

Silent Hills

'Silent Hills' PT & PS4 Release Date: Scheduled Launching and Other News Updates

Oct 14, 2014

For those who have long been searching for information on when the "Silent Hills" PT & PS4 release date is, you finally have the chance to know as several reports from various websites are claiming that the scheduled launching of this much-awaited game title will be soon enough for you to crave.

Fall Out 4

'Fallout 4' Release Date: Is It Going to Be Anytime Soon?

Oct 14, 2014

One thing that a lot of 'Fallout' lovers and gamers have in common is the question that they keep on asking: Will the 'Fallout 4' release date happen anytime soon?


HTC Unveiled its Newest RE Camera; Tagged as A Oddly-Shaped Capturing Device; Prices Starts at $199

Oct 14, 2014

Proving the limitless possibilities of technology, HTC has unveiled yet another odd-shaped handheld camera. HTC's newest flagship camera, launched together with their new 13 MP front cam selfie-friendly phone Desire Eye, was unveiled recently with the name HTC RE.

Breaking Amish

'Breaking Amish' Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Matt and Miriam Hooking Up; Courtney Confronts Cheating Matt

Oct 14, 2014

Did you miss the "Breaking Amish" Season 3 Episode 4? If such is the case and you do not mind spoilers, here is a recap of some of the key highlights and events that took place during the fourth episode.

HTC M8 vs Xperia Z3

HTC One M8 vs Sony Xperia Z3 vs Motorola Moto X 2014 Comparison: Battle of the Android Smartphones

Oct 14, 2014

The HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z3 and the Motorola Moto X 2014 have all the same OS which is the Android KitKat. Each of these phones, according to Phone Arena, has unique features that will appeal to many buyers looking for a dependable Android device.

Better Call Saul

'Better Call Saul' Release Date: February 2015 and Other Updates about the TV Series

Oct 14, 2014

For avid and extreme fans of the hit "Breaking Bad" TV series who thought that there would never be another show like it, you may just be in for a surprise. According to KpopStarz, the confirmed "Better Call Saul" will be taking place February next year, which is a little less than 4 months from now.

Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 plus: Note 4 is Still Bigger but 6 Plus is Thinner; Samsung Has Better Processor and Camera; Both Has Their Own 'Gates'

Oct 14, 2014

The battle is getting so intense after Apple's iPhone 6 has reached its $21 million- sales mark. The record breaking sales for Apple's newest flagship device neutralized the smartphone market share that is once conquered by the Korea-based tech-company Samsung.

The Flash

'The Flash' Spoilers: Successful Premiere Tagged as CW's Highest-Rating Debut Yet; Time Travel and Secrets Set to Be Main Theme - New Metahuman Villains Will Be Introduced

Oct 13, 2014

Superheroes are not for big screens only. While Batman, Superman, Captain America, and many other heroic characters have their movie line-up coming, an equally powerful superhero will have his premiere in the television screens - The Flash.

Halo 5:Guradians

'Halo 5: Guardians' Release Date Set on Fourth Quarter of 2015; Agent Locke to Replace Master Chief as the Primary Character

Oct 13, 2014

Shooting buffs will have another game to add on their must-purchase video game of 2015, as the best 'first-person shooter' game of the century, Halo's new edition is set to release next year.