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Friday, August 1, 2014

Andrew Ehrenzeller “Children of Promise” Album Review

Sporting blood-colored ships heading into the mountainous terrain of the unknown, the cover of Andrew Ehrenzeller's "Children of Promise" impregnates a sermon ready to be delivered. Just as ships are not made to jetty in a safe harbor, these songs propel us to leave our comfort zones to risk our lives for the sake of the Gospel. But yet the impetus of such Godly risk does not emerge out of our self-confidence. Rather, it comes, virtue of the fact that we are bought with the blood of Jesus Christ, hence the blood colored ships.

Andrew Ehrenzeller


Hillsong Worship “No Other Name” Album Review (Video)

Not too long ago, Hillsong Church was just a struggling suburban church that couldn't even afford to purchase its own building. Fast forward to April 24, 2014, they have taken over Times Square's digital billboards in New York City. Instead of flashing the usual ads or new reports or the day's Dow Jones figures, 21 digital screens played for an hour a looped video comprised of just a few frames flashing repeatedly: "Jesus" and "No Other Name."


Anne Graham Lotz “Wounded by God’s People: Discovering How God’s Love Heals Our Hearts” Book Review

Even madman Adolf Hitler knows about this. Prior to his attack on Soviet Union in 1941, Hitler mulcted Joseph Stalin of his military prowess when he allowed Stalin to witness some forged documents indicating that his officers were conspiring against him. In a moment of rage and paranoia, Stalin executed 35,000 of his top ranking officers representing over half of the Russian officer corps. With the strategic minds and the invincible force of the Russian army conspicuously weakened, Germany launched its all out massive assault on the Soviet Union leading to more casualties and atrocities imaginable to the human mind.

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