• Shelly E. Johnson "Your Kingdom Come" Album Review

    Of all the petitions Jesus has ever made in what's commonly known as the "Lord's Prayer," one we have often tacitly blighted is "may your kingdom come and you will be done." This is because deep in our hearts we love this worldly kingdom more than its heavenly counterpart. The greed within us love to horde the wealth this world churns more than storing for ourselves treasures in heaven. The selfishness in us love our own comfy lounges more than bearing the marks of Christ's sufferings in missions.Read More

  • Dustin Smith "Coming Alive" Album Review

    The success or the failure of a worship record hinges upon the album's raison d'etre. If it's one's desire to pander after lofty sales figures and chart positions, concessions are often made so that the songs ingratiate towards human needs rather than allowing the songs to channel us towards the glory of the Almighty God.Read More

  • Kim Collingsworth "Majestic" Album Review

    t is the cause of jitters when an artist uses a superlative adjective such as "Majestic" as the album's titular. With such a lofty standard already locked in by the album's title, more often than not, the material has a challenging time trying to live up to such aerial heights. But this is not the case with Kim Collingsworth's latest live piano solo release "Majestic." Read More

  • Jennifer Hudson "JHUD" Album Review

    It's a tell-tale sign something's seriously wrong with our current state of pop music when artists have to constantly harken back to the past to borrow the sounds of bygone eras. The latest fad seems to be going back to the dazzling disco sounds of the late 70s. Daft Punk's "Get Luck" and Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" seem to have caused quite a shine as they give their old mirror balls a few polishes this passed summer. Read More

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