• Kim Collingsworth "Majestic" Album Review

    t is the cause of jitters when an artist uses a superlative adjective such as "Majestic" as the album's titular. With such a lofty standard already locked in by the album's title, more often than not, the material has a challenging time trying to live up to such aerial heights. But this is not the case with Kim Collingsworth's latest live piano solo release "Majestic." Read More

  • Jennifer Hudson "JHUD" Album Review

    It's a tell-tale sign something's seriously wrong with our current state of pop music when artists have to constantly harken back to the past to borrow the sounds of bygone eras. The latest fad seems to be going back to the dazzling disco sounds of the late 70s. Daft Punk's "Get Luck" and Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" seem to have caused quite a shine as they give their old mirror balls a few polishes this passed summer. Read More

  • Gladys Knight "Where My Heart Belongs" Album Review

    Gospel music is to Gladys Knight what contemporary jazz is to Diana Krall or blues is to Eric Clapton. Her inimitably husky alto with its weathered flexibility that is able to dive deep into the throes of despair before soaring with a sustained vigor in expressing the joy the Lord gives is the perfect sonic instrument to guide us through the richly textured emotions of Gospel music. Read More

  • Barbra Streisand “Partners” Album Review

    Even at the age of 72, there's still no slowing down for Barbra Streisand. "Partners" reveals that Streisand is nowhere near her rocking chair or lounging at the retirement home. While many of her peers and some of whom are even younger, are either dead or croaking their way through their autumnal years having lost their vocal prowess through drug abuse and excessive touring, Streisand's mezzo-soprano is still at its commanding pristine.Read More

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