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Friday, August 22, 2014

Down East Boys “Beyond the Blue” Album Review

Victorian preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon was quoted to say, "When you speak of heaven, let your face light up... when you speak of hell, your everyday face will do." When Down East Boys sing of heaven in the title track of their brand new Sonlite Records release "Beyond the Blue," the speakers light up.

Down East Boys


Movie Dealing with the End Times "The Remaining" Opening in Theaters on Sept 5; Watch Trailer Here

"The Remaining," is bound to create lots of opportunities for Christians to talk about Christ and our future, when it opens in the theaters on September 5. "The Remaining" is an action-packed, supernatural thriller based on biblical accounts of the end times, in the aftermath of the Rapture.


Anne Graham Lotz “Wounded by God’s People: Discovering How God’s Love Heals Our Hearts” Book Review

Even madman Adolf Hitler knows about this. Prior to his attack on Soviet Union in 1941, Hitler mulcted Joseph Stalin of his military prowess when he allowed Stalin to witness some forged documents indicating that his officers were conspiring against him. In a moment of rage and paranoia, Stalin executed 35,000 of his top ranking officers representing over half of the Russian officer corps. With the strategic minds and the invincible force of the Russian army conspicuously weakened, Germany launched its all out massive assault on the Soviet Union leading to more casualties and atrocities imaginable to the human mind.

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