• Julie Elias “Love Rain Down” Album Review

    You don't have to be a musical genius to spot two major trends that run parallel in many worship albums today. Take your pick, be it the latest record by Bethel Music or Hillsong Worship or Elevation Worship or Desperation Band, it's always the guys that get to rave on the rocking worship tunes quipped with their Stones-ersatz machismo guitar struts.Read More

  • Tribute “Journey of Hope” Album Review

    Tribute's "Journey of Hope" is not one of those boring GPS directed routes. Rather, it's a scenic bummel that leisurely cruise controls through the sonic rolling rustic meadows ("Everybody Needs to Jesus)" to the exotic Jamaican reggae-rasta getaway ("Those Who Know Me") to the cinematic bombast of intricate sophistication ("I Am a Soldier").Read More

  • Brad Paisley “Moonshine in the Trunk” Album Review

    Brad Paisley's wheelhouse, to borrow his own vocabulary, is that he is a consummate entertainer able to don various hats with snugness. On one hand, he is a highly observant telecaster who has the sharpness of eye to give witty and often piercing readings of the kerfuffle of social phenomena. And he did this to perfect on his 2007's hit "Online."Read More

  • Debra Black “God in Every Season” Album Review

    Given the large swath of Scripture song writers can find their muse in, it's tragic that only a handful of passages of Holy Writ are ever expounded in our modern worship songs. There are the standard go-to sections that most novices would consult, including the Psalms, sections of Isaiah, a couple of chapters in Revelation and a few narrative montages of Jesus' life lifted from the four Gospels. The remaining of the Bible remains relatively untouched. Read More

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