'Haider' Box Office Collection Review: Movie Does Not Disappoint However Collection Fails Expectations

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'Haider' Box Office Collection Review: Movie Does Not Disappoint However Collection Fails Expectations

'A bitter sweet reception' - that is the best description for "Haider" box office collection.

After garnering positive rave reviews about the Indian adaptation of William Shakespeare's Hamlet, Financial Express reported "Haider" box office collections in India have not met the anticipated amount.

"Shahid Kapoor starrer, Haider box office collections have gone and done it again, fallen short, rather well short, of expectation on day five." This is despite the Eid'l Adha holiday that is expected to bring more people to the cinemas.

According to reports from Koimoi, "Haider" collected a depressing 5 crores on its day 5, last Monday. This collection is far from what is expected for a film who has been praised by a lot of movie critics. "The film now stands with a total collection of 31.78 crores at the domestic box office." Crores is the currency used in India.

On the contrary, the well-acclaimed film was reportedly made with a low budget, thus, a box office ticket sales is not really necessary. Filmibeat reported the whole cost for the movie's production which is 24 crores only. "Haider with a small opening collection of Rs 6.14 crores managed to recover the cost of the film within 4 days of the movie's release."

Box office collection has improved with Rs 6.93 crores for Day 2, Rs 6.38 crores for Day 3 and Rs 7.33 crores for Day 4. It is estimated that the film will reach its 50 croses-mark within the week.

On Day 2 (Friday), the collection was Rs 6.93 crores, on Saturday it was Rs 6.38 crores and finaly on Sunday it collected Rs 7.33 crores.

Many are disappointed on the performance of "Haider" box office collection. It seemed that critics have a lot of praise to say for the film by Vishal Bharadwaj's, but the locals are not really interested in going to the cinemas to watch it.

"Clearly, Vishal Bharadwaj's best so far is not really what the cinema going public wants. Or, perhaps, William Shakespeare is not very high on their list of things they want to get close up and personal with, even if the setting is exquisite."

The Indian director has done two Shakespeare-based films before "Haider" - "Maqbook" in 2003 and "Omkara" in 2006. It is somehow seen that movie-goers are not quite interested with Shakespeare adaptations but are in awe on how good the movie is done.

On the other hand, the film collection is still considered good enough as it is not clearly affected by its tough competition, Hrithik Roshan's Bang Bang. Reports also said "Haider" has already accounted $179 ticket sales in North America.

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