Mother and Son Duo Good Reception Talks about Building God's Kingdom with their Music

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Good Reception is a new up-and-coming Contemporary Christian Rock band out of Orlando, Florida lead by guitarist Dylan Dupree (singer/songwriter) and Lauren Dupree (singer/songwriter/keys.)  The duo comes from a long line of jazz/classical musicians.  And here's a little known secret - many fans are unaware...Lauren is actually Dylan's mom.  She jokes that she needed a guitar player for her band, so she had one.  Indeed she got a lefty guitarist (they're both lefty) that also happens to shred a guitar like nobody's business!

The up & coming duo has been compared to a modern day Partridge family or a hipped-up version of The Judd's, joining the lineage of popular family-themed artists.  The band's endearing performances touch the hearts of their fans as well as fans of guitar-centric rock music.  Dylan is often nicknamed "John Mayer Jr." for his similar looks and mad skills on guitar.  All ages enjoy this band's energetic warm sound, and fans are already asking for more.

Q:  Thanks for doing this interview with us.  Who is Good Reception?

It's our pleasure. We're so happy to share our story with you! We are a new Christian band based out of Orlando, FL with a passion for sharing the Gospel through our music.  And here's a cool little known secret about us - many fans are unaware...we are a mother and son duo! 

We write and produce all our music, and we play all the instruments on our records...and those instruments happen to be lefty, as both of us are left-handed so it works out!  We enjoy the process of envisioning a song idea and bringing it to life, so that we can convey our message and touch the hearts of our fans. That's what it's all about.

Q:  Why did you choose the name "Good Reception?"

Funny story - we were pondering band names waiting for a table at a restaurant, and Dylan was on his phone complaining about having bad signal. He said "I wish this place had good reception." Lauren said "Well, God always provides good reception when we pray! He always hears us!" and then boom we had our band name. We wrote a song with the same title, and those lyrics further reflect the deeper meaning into our band name.

Q:  It's not common to hear about a mother and son duo!  How and when did the two of you decide to form a duo?

Yes, we are an anomaly for sure! I think we might be the first for the Contemporary Christian industry. We joined a music ministry with our Church band and started writing songs. People loved the idea that we were writing songs and singing together, and they responded to our music in such a positive way that we officially formed a band and recorded our first EP in 2017. 

Around this same time at age 18, Dylan went on a summer concert tour as lead guitarist for the platinum selling boy band LFO. There was a Christian song the band added to the set list called "How He Loves."  Dylan played a powerful, soulful lead guitar solo during this song, which was well received.  

Witnessing the crowd singing along and praising God during this pop concert was a pivotal moment for us, and we knew that we were being called to do more...we wanted to write more songs and continue spreading the word of God through music...and when you sing, you pray twice!

Q:  Tell us about your single "Everlasting Love."  What's the song about and why are you passionate about it?

It's about the example of the "Everlasting Love" that Jesus gives us. We are meant to share this love with our brothers and sisters. When we filmed the music video, we wanted to remind everyone that we are God's joy. So, the video is sprinkled with inspirational messages that we put on signs. It's fun to watch & lifts your mood. This song is a fan favorite! It resonates with everyone in such an uplifting way and we feel blessed to be able to use our musical gifts to spread His joy!

Q:  I believe "Everlasting Love" was selected for the New Music Friday Christian Playlist for Spotify, how does that make you feel?

Yes! We were super thrilled! The day of the song's release, the Spotify curators notified us that we were chosen for this playlist alongside some of the top Contemporary Christian artists. It felt like we won a marathon because we had been working super hard on all of our songs. Making it on this list gave us even more drive to keep going, and we realized God wanted us to continue down this path.

Q:  Why did you choose to cover Cory Asbury's "Reckless Love" as your new song?

We have always loved this song so we decided to put our own spin on it. We created a soulful guitar centric rendition with a faster tempo in our own unique style. We're so happy this version is really resonating with people!  We had so much fun filming the music video and it gives a peek at us recording the song in our studio.

Q:  Are you working on an album or more new songs?  Tell us more about the music that you are working on now.

We are currently working on an album and are kicking it up a notch. The album will have a more pop vibe mixed with guitar. We have some singles that will be coming out before the album. If you like Lincoln Brewster mixed with a little Casting Crowns sound, you are gonna love this new album.

Q:  How do you wish the songs you make impact your listeners and God's kingdom?

We hope to bring those who have fallen away or have no religion back to Christ, while at the same time strengthening the faith of those who are already walking the path to salvation. We are using our music to build God's kingdom which is so rewarding. Now back to the studio to record more music for you...hope to see you on tour soon! Peace.

To find out more about Good Reception or to purchase their music, click here.




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