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  • Introducing New Artist Marie Miller

    "For me," she sums up, "the beauty of music and the creative world is a reason to exist."

  • New Faces for Friday: Meet Cherome White

    With a sound that is a cross between Heather Headley and Tonya Baker, the richness of Cherome White's voice is sure to wins fans and hearts.

  • New Faces for Friday - Meet The Project

    The Project is Michael Glen Bell and Duane W.H. Arnold. Their album features guest appearances by heavy-hitters like Phil Keaggy, Glenn Kaiser, Randy Stonehill, Wayne Berry, Margaret Becker, Jennifer Knapp, Thom Daugherty and Kemper Crabb.

  • New Faces for Friday - Meet Laura Hawthorne

    Worship Leader Laura Hawthorne has a beautiful smile, an exquisite voice and a heart filled with love for her Savior and His children.

  • New Faces for Friday - Meet AwakenUs

    AwakenUs got its start at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Overland Park, Kansas as the praise and worship band for the church. They've come a long way since then.

  • New Faces for Friday - Meet Kai A. Pineda

    Since October 1999, Kai A. Pineda has been a worship leader, song writer, teacher and speaker. Her thirst for an encounter with God moves her as she leads worship, writes songs and preaches the Word.

  • New Faces for Friday - Meet The Exchange

    Hailing from Silverdale, Washington, pop/rockers The Exchange, has been making music since 2010. Their 2011 debut EP Show Me How To Love as well as their most recent singles "Tell Me Your Story" and "Beautiful King" have garnered national airplay on Air-1 and K-Life.

  • New Faces for Friday - Meet Ayleron

    Praise and worship band Ayleron delivers a great deal of talent from Lafayette, Louisiana.

  • New Faces for Friday - Meet Cherose

    Cherose grew up in the church playing various instruments, dancing and, of course, singing. The daughter of parents who were early pioneers of Gospel Music in Nigeria, you could say that worshiping God through music is in her blood. A graduate of the Los Angeles Recording School in Hollywood, California, Cherose got her degree in Recording Engineering. That knowledge led this young woman to go farther in music as a singer, songwriter, rapper, producer and business executive. The CEO of Cherose Entertainment wants to take music that honors God to another level and listening to her songs, you see that she is doing just that.

  • New Faces for Friday - Meet Covenant 31

    Patrick, Heather, Josh and Ashley Eddolls, along with Dave Schreiber, make up the Arizona band known as Covenant 31.


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