belinda adu

Belinda Adu Opens About Creating Music that Advances God's Kingdom

Jul 02, 2020

UK-based singer, songwriter and worship leader Belinda Adu has released her new Homegrown Worship single "Try." This new worship song is a powerful invitation to lay aside our pride and opinions in order to taste the goodness of our God.


FEARLESS BND Unveils the Heart Behind their New Record "Fear Not"

Jun 25, 2020

FEAR NOT, the BEC Recordings debut from Los Angeles-based worshippers FEARLESS BND, will be available June 26. An inspired sound of revival for the city and the world, the 13-track project was produced by Joshua O'Haire and Jeremy Johnson and showcases the heartbeat of Southern California's Fearless Church.

Nathan Wetherington

Director, Producer and Writer Nathan Wetherington Opens Up About New Movie "A Thousand Miles Behind"

Jun 22, 2020

Level 33 Entertainment has just released its debut feature film A THOUSAND MILES BEHIND .The film is now released ON DEMAND and on all VOD platforms.

justin batt

Justin Batt Invites Us to Celebrate Fathers at "Dadifesto"

Jun 20, 2020

Three dads had a dream to 'do something' to break the mood amidst a global pandemic with COVID19 and the significant protests in the U.S. They came up with an idea to celebrate dads around the world with "Dadifesto", a virtual international Father's Day celebration that will bring dads of all cultures and races together to celebrate one another with a commitment to creating 'global citizens' of their children through intentional parenting.

Guy Penrod

Guy Penrod Talks About His Dad and His Upcoming Father's Day Concert

Jun 19, 2020

Guy Penrod, one of Gospel Music's most awarded and best-loved vocalists, will be bringing his signature live performance experience to viewers around the globe June 21 as his "Concert On The Couch-A Father's Day Celebration From Franklin Theatre" premiers for one-time online viewing at 7:00 pm Eastern Time. Virtual doors will open at 6:00 pm Eastern Time with special pre-show content.

SEU Worship

SEU Worship “A Thousand Generations” Album Review

Jun 19, 2020

If Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande were to release a worship album, this would be it! SEU Worship's "A Thousand Generations" is a worship album made for today's Millennials.

Corey Voss

Corey Voss Shares Some of the Highlights in the Making of "Heaven Come Closer"

Jun 18, 2020

Corey Voss, and worship ministry team, Madison Street Worship have recently released their new live album, Heaven Come Closer via Integrity Music.

Down East Boys

The Down East Boys Share the Stories Behind their New Album "Faithful Still"

Jun 16, 2020

The Down East Boys use powerful music with themes of hope, love and faithfulness to spread God's word on their new album, Faithful Still, now available from Sonlite Records.

The Browns

The Browns “Brave” EP Review

Jun 15, 2020

It's been a long and well-worth wait. Save for their Christmas offering released late last year, it has taken the Browns almost five years to follow up their 2015 Stowtown Records "Aim Higher" with a new record. Though this record "Brave" only contains 7 songs, it's a neat and tight package that ought to satisfy fans and draw in new ones.

Steven Curtis Chapman

** ALBUM TURNING 30 ** Steven Curtis Chapman “For the Sake of the Call” Album Review

Jun 09, 2020

Some of Christian music's landmark albums are turning 30 this year. Come December 13th, 2020, Steven Curtis Chapman's "For the Sake of the Call" will be one such candidate.

The Chitans

"We Are Not Shot Glasses for a Backyard Party:" An Interview with the Chitans

Jun 08, 2020

The Chitans' music is always expressive, and always rooted in faith and tradition. This is evidenced in two new songs - "Set Apart" and "Jesus Is Moving" - the first releases from the group after signing with Horizon Records.

Ong Ai Ho

My Grandmother Mdm Ong Ai Ho Passes Away

Jun 08, 2020

My Grandmother Mdm Ong Ai Ho Passes Away

Ryan Stevenson

Ryan Stevenson “Wildest Dreams” Album Review

Jun 04, 2020

Listening to Ryan Stevenson's new album is like reading the book of Proverbs. Filled with lots of memorable lines of wisdom and truth, these songs are going to be make it into sermons and books in time.

Zachary Ray

Creating Songs to Fill a Room with Hope and Peace: An Interview with Zachary Ray

Jun 03, 2020

Singer and songwriter Zachary Ray has released his new single "Eyes on You."


Keith-alan On How Time2Dance Transforms the Lives of Children

Jun 02, 2020

Time2Dance pulls kids from their live audience who have no formal dance experience to prove that anyone can dance. Part competition show and part dance battle, contestants are mentored, encouraged, and coached by Keith-alan and the Fly Kids, and within a short time these children are on their way to a new love of dance. Filled with self-expression and inspiration, Time2Dance is a joyful show that fills a void in programming for children.