lauren talley

Lauren Talley Opens Up About the Retirement of the Talleys & Her Solo Musical Endeavors

Jan 18, 2020

From their East Tennssee home today, the Talley family --- Roger, Debra, and daughter Lauren Talley --- announce that 2020 will be the official last year that their group, the beloved The Talleys, will be recording and releasing music under the official moniker.

simple hymns

Various Artists “Simple Hymns: Songs of Communion” Album Review

Jan 10, 2020

"Simple Hymns: Songs of Communion" is the fourth instalment in the "Simple Hymns" series. This is a series that has been developed by Venture3Media to resource the church's worship by providing (mostly) newly written hymns with theologically richer vocabulary. Rather than singing over and over again of Jesus as the church's never failing boyfriend extraordinarie, these songs actually unpack the great doctrines of Scripture executed in contemporary measures.


Rebekah of Brad + Rebekah Shares How Her Cancer Ordeal Deepens Her Worship Experiences

Jan 07, 2020

Acclaimed husband/wife singer/songwriters and worship leaders Brad + Rebekah return with the single and video release of "Rejoice," a personal worship anthem borne from a season of pain and uncertainty. Written by Brad + Rebekah, along with Kristene DiMarco and Joshua Silverberg, the song came to life during Rebekah's battle with cancer in 2018.

we the kingdom

We the Kingdom “Live at the Wheelhouse” EP Review

Dec 27, 2019

The songs of We the Kingdom are captivating. They have straddled the tacit divide between raw expressions of worship and the polished stadium-filling explosions of praise well.

david vanderpool

Dr. David Vanderpool Reveals How an Earthquake Turned Him into a Missionary in Haiti

Dec 27, 2019

Dr. David and Laurie Vanderpool started doing medical work as volunteers 22 years ago, providing free health care to disaster survivors in need. Inspired by the Haiti earthquake and resulting events, Vanderpool sold his medical practice and home in Brentwood, Tennessee, and moved to Haiti where their nonprofit, LiveBeyond, is now located.

master's voice

Master’s Voice “Solace” Album Review

Dec 26, 2019

This album has "real life" written all over it. These 12 songs contain lyrics that speak penetratingly and prophetically into our lives and our circumstances.

Dr. Cynthia

Dr. Cynthia from "Christian from Muslim" Provides Helpful Guides on How to Evangelize to Muslims

Dec 16, 2019

Dr. Cynthia has been involved with ethnic evangelism in America for over four decades. Although not Middle Eastern, her experience, personal, and professional connections with the Muslim World help her to understand and connect with Muslims.

sovereign grace music

Sovereign Grace Music “Glorious Christ (Live)” Album Review

Dec 11, 2019

Sovereign Grace Music's "Glorious Christ (Live)" straddles between contemporary worship music and liturgically-driven hymns. On one hand, they have wisely eschewed worship songs that are nothing more than just the outburst of emotions over over-recycled love-song-esque lyrics. On the other hand, they have avoided those stuffy hymns that require a dictionary to decipher the meaning of the archaic lyrics. Rather, what we have here are 14 well-curated contemporary worship songs with words that are theologically rich and poetically intricate.

Sandra McCracken

Sandra McCracken “Christmas” Album Review

Nov 28, 2019

There are songwriters and there are storytellers who tap the platitudes of life with poignant specificity.

shell marie

Shell Marie's Exclusive Interview: From Pop Music to "New Creation"

Nov 28, 2019

Contemporary Christian singer/songwriter Shell Marie has just released her debut EP New Creation. Produced by Grammy® and Dove award-winning Capitol CMG producer and songwriter, Jordan Sapp, this new record is made to help today's generation hear about the love of God from someone they can relate to.

j chris wall

Film Producer J. Chris Wall Talks about How "The Slugs & Bugs Show" Ministers to Children & Families

Nov 27, 2019

Dove Award-nominated singer/songwriter and family entertainer Randall Goodgame is set to star in "The Slugs & Bugs Show," a groundbreaking new series designed to help children and parents grow together in Truth, navigating daily life through the lens of faith. Produced by veteran VeggieTales film producer J. Chris Wall and executive produced by Brock Starnes of Brentwood Studios, the series' first 13 episodes premiere on home video and streaming September 27

brian paradis

Author Brian Paradis Offers Exclusive Insights on How We Can Lead with Imagination

Nov 26, 2019

Imagination is the power to turn the ordinary into theextraordinary. Though often associated with childhood or relegated to those deemed as"creatives," Brian Paradis has spent his professional career experiencing the transformative effects of incorporating imagination into the workplace.

David & Nicole Binion

David and Nicole Binion “Dwell: Christmas” Album Review

Nov 22, 2019

The pride of David and Nicole Binion's "Dwell: Christmas" lies in its ability to capture both the grandeur and the intimacy of Christmas.

Paul and Hannah McClure

Bethel Music's Paul and Hannah McClure on Songwriting, their New Album & More

Nov 21, 2019

Featured on every major Bethel Music release since 2010 with songs like "Jesus, We Love You," "One Thing" and "Faithful to the End," Paul and Hannah McClure have released their highly anticipated full-length Bethel Music debut, The Way Home.

chris tomlin

Chris Tomlin “Christmas Day: Christmas Songs of Worship” EP Review

Nov 19, 2019

Not even two years after the release of Tomlin's full length Christmas album, "Adore: Christmas Songs of Worship," the ever popular worship leader surprised fans by dropping "Christmas Day: Christmas Songs of Worship."