Unspoken Tradition's "I Say Let's Go (Colorado)" Challenges Us to be Adventurous for the New Year

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Unspoken Tradition has released a new song from their upcoming album that speaks to people's restless spirit and the need to escape the daily grind. "I Say Let's Go (Colorado)" is an upbeat, pop-tinged tune written by Unspoken Tradition vocalist and bass player Lee Shuford that is timed perfectly for the winter season.

Like many musicians these days,Shuford is also a full-time teacher as well as a writer and performer. He says, "For me, and hopefully others that listen to it, the song is really about self-motivation. People work really hard to provide stability for themselves and their families and sometimes forget to take the shot when they have the chance and do the things they've always wanted to do. I think my favorite sentiment from the song is that life can pass you by if you don't sometimes just say 'Let's go.'"

This single is part of an upcoming, mostly original 10-song release from the band that includes prior singles released throughout 2018. One of these, "Dark Side of the Mountain," which also features Shuford's vocals, reached the #1 spot on the Bluegrass Today chart on October 26.

"I Say Let's Go (Colorado)" includes the driving timing of Zane McGinnis on banjo and Ty GIlpin on mandolin as well as the vocal harmonies and bright, bouncy guitar and fiddle work of Audie McGinnis and Tim Gardner.

Listen to "I Say Let's Go (Colorado)" HERE.

About Unspoken Tradition
Unspoken Tradition is about new, original Bluegrass. Inspired by their own influences and the roots of traditional music, they bring a sound that is both impassioned and nostalgic, hard-driving but sincere. Their material is mostly original and reflects the ever-changing culture of Western and Central North Carolina where they call home. Their recent string of single releases from the Mountain Home Music Company label have gained the band national attention including a #1 spot on the Bluegrass Today National Radio Chart in October 2018. Their debut recording, Simple Little Town(2013) saw quick success in radio including XM's Bluegrass Junction where the band's music continues to be in solid rotation. Their follow-up release, Miles Betweenwas featured on The World Cafe's nationally syndicated programming. Represented by Midwood Entertainment, Unspoken Tradition has quickly grown a fervent following touring throughout the US. 


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