Franklin Graham Gives a Health Update on His Father, Billy Graham

Billy Graham

During a recent interview with Fox News, Franklin Graham gives a health update of his father and famed evangelist Dr. Billy Graham. The elder Graham turned 99 this year in November and as he approaches his 100th year, Franklin, the current president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, said his father's mind is still sharp.

"He's at home, he's resting well - he's just old. He doesn't see well, he doesn't hear very well but his mind is still good, his mind is still clear," Franklin revealed to Fox & Friends.

The minister said he and his wife are looking forward to joining Graham on Christmas day for a lunch date.

"My father, all of his life, never veered from the calling God gave him - that was to preach the Gospel. To tell man and woman about a God that loves them and that is willing to forgive their sin if they're willing to repent, turn from their sin and by faith to believe on the name of Jesus Christ that God would save them and heal their heart and that they would have that hope for eternity of being with Him in Heaven," he testified. "I'm very grateful to his faithfulness, to his message."




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