Bluegrass Gospel Group Lindley Creek's John Greer Needs Help with His Upcoming Surgery

John Greer

John Greer of bluegrass Gospel group Lindley Creek is in need of back surgery.  The group is asking fans for their prayers and financial help.  Lindley Creek is an acoustic family band showcasing beautiful, traditional bluegrass & gospel music, soulful, soaring lead vocals, soothing family harmonies, intricate instrumental breaks and original songwriting, Lindley Creek presents compelling acoustic music and a sincere family ministry.  

John Greer holds down the groups' solid rhythm on bass and keeps the family safe on the road. John is the spiritual rock for the family group and ministry. The family offers spiritual encouragement through music and by example. They inspire families to stick together during these challenging times. John also shares his inspiring sermons at churches while on tour. 

According to the band's email, Kathie Greer writes: "John has two herniated discs that are so bad they cannot heal.  He also has a spinal defect that is adding to the intensity of the pain.  To alleviate the pain and correct the spinal problems, the surgeon is going to perform a lumbar laminectomy for spinal stenosis on March 22rd.  This means fusing L4, L5, and S1 along with surgically implanting plates and screws.  The surgery itself will take approximately five - six hours.  He will need a month to recover (no singing and bass playing or driving) and then a year for the spine to fuse completely (no lifting, bending or twisting). Because of the surgery, we will not be able to sing for the one month recovery time."

*Prayer that the surgery will be successful and his pain will be alleviated. (Surgery date is March 22)

*Financial help to pay one month's living expenses

*Air ride driver's seat for bus to keep impact at a minimum

*Chair with good back support to go in bus living area

*New mattress for bus (the mattress we have now is 19 years old) 

If you would like to help with any of the needs, you have the following options.

*Mail check to John Greer c/o First Baptist Church P.O. Box 598, Combes, TX 78535.

*Send money through PayPal to email address 

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