Paul Good Celebrates Christmas with New Single "Glory Shine"

Paul Good

Singer, songwriter and author Paul Good has released his Christmas single "Glory Shine." For this song, Good called on Dove award winner Ian Eskelin (Franchesca Batestelli, Sidewalk Prophets) to produce the song. Eskelin even joined in the fun by providing the background "ooohs" on the hook!

"I love Christmas time and the lights that are put up everywhere!" declares Good. "Everybody loves the lights at Christmas, right? We're attracted to them, as they make things beautiful and glorious! Jesus is the light of the World, and it says of Him in the Bible that '...those who sat in darkness have seen a great light!' That light was the glory of God coming from him."

"The heart of God and all that He is, which is His glory, was and is seen perfectly in Jesus," Good continues. "As John 1:14 states: 'We saw his glory. It was the glory that the Father shares with his only Son, a glory full of kindness and truth.' 

"Seeing that glory and knowing who God truly is gives us great joy and vitality!" says Good. "I tried to communicate this in the song, "Glory Shine," both sonically and lyrically. It's hard to sit still listening to it," he laughs. "It's a Christmasy, Maroon 5 kind of song!"

Good has been promoting the single throughout the Christmas season during his holiday promotional tour. "Glory Shine" is available now on iTunes and will be included on his upcoming new record in early 2016. 

A New jersey native, singer/songwriter, author and speaker Paul Good grew up on Springsteen and Bon Jovi, where the performance bar for entering the music scene was quite high. Taking the challenge, he developed his stage presence and songwriting skills in the clubs, colleges, and coffee houses around the New York/New Jersey area. However, as a minister's son brought up in a conservative Christian home, the support for a career in rock music was less than enthusiastic, and, sensing a call to ministry, Good entered seminary. While there, he developed a vision for passionately delivering relevant Bible teaching in a pop/rock concert setting. After graduating with an M.Div. degree in 2001, and a few years in the pastorate, he took the leap and moved to Nashville to pursue his music goals. 

Good continues to ignite and inspire his audiences toward a closer walk with Jesus, wrapping evangelical teaching and worship around cutting-edge pop music. Recording with Christian music industry's top producers and musicians, Good's music has been heard across the globe on radio, along with his ministry materials, song devotionals, and blogs, as well as his book, Where's the Love? Getting a Better Sense of God's Love, released from Westbow Press in March 2015. 


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