Soulfire Revolution On Working with DREAM Records & Their New Album "Afterglow"

Soulfire Revolution


Soulfire Revolution is the worship expression of MCI Church in Bogota, Colombia, a church that is experiencing a great revival. They started out as the church's worship team, leading the young people into worship on a weekly basis. This band has made their home in two places: Bogota, Colombia and Miami, FL. Reaching diverse audiences, Soulfire Revolution is taking their music to many countries around the world.

The debut album "Revival" was recorded in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and includes powerful worship songs such as: Spirit Break Out (feat. TobyMac), Place of Surrender, and Revival (feat. Kim Walker Smith).

Now, to follow-up their debut album, "Revival", they are releasing a worship album called "Afterglow", a live recording from Bogota, Colombia.This album is filled with intimate worship moments, and with fun songs where you can feel and hear the young people dancing, jumping and giving their all to Jesus.

The album's first single is called: "Set The World On Fire". It's a fun electronic worship song, that will get people dancing. The message is simple, in order to set the world on fire, the fire needs to start on the inside.

Hallels:  Who is Soulfire Revolution?  Tell us a little more about yourself.

Soulfire Revolution is more than a band, it is a ministry birthed out of Bogota, Colombia. We area a worship team in our church MCI, a church with over a hundred thousand people. Our passion is to take people into God's presence and right now we feel like the church should be a fun place to be as well.

Hallels:  How did you get to work with Dream Records for your new album?  What do you think Dream Records bring to this album that you appreciate?

We feel like working with them was really guided by God. We love their heart for ministry, and their passion to enlarge God's kingdom; very thankful to be in this partnership. They bring guidance, and also take the album and music into places we could never do on our own.

Hallels:  With your new album, "Afterglow,"what was some things or events that were most memorable in the recording of this album?

This was a live recording, and personally my favorite worship albums are the ones that are live. So I feel like we were able to capture the worship atmosphere. The song Fire Fall Down was special as we felt the presence of the Holy Spirit descending, healing people and touching lives.

Hallels:  On your previous album, you had TobyMac and Kim Walker-Smith as guest vocalists, who are some of your special guests on your new album?

In this record we really wanted to show who we are, and who our church is, basically it's just us. We did get to write with amazing worship leaders like Martin Smith.

Hallels:  Congratulations on the release of your new single and video "Set the World on Fire."  For some of our readers who may not have heard the song, tell us what the song is about.

It is based on the great commission which is to go out and make disciples. It's about obtaining a flame for God, that fire, that it must first start on the inside. After this happens then we can set the world on fire, starting with our community. It's a very fun song to sing and dance to as well.

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to find out more about you or purchase your new record, where can they go?

It's available digitally everywhere and then physically at Christian stores and also at the dream records website.


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