Various Artists “Worship Anthems Inspired By A.D. The Bible Continues” Soundtrack Review


Prime Cuts: We Believe (Newsboys), Victor's Crown (Darlene Zschech), Make a Way (Desperation Band)

"Worship Anthems Inspired By A.D. The Bible Continues" is the accompanying soundtrack compiled by Integrity Music to go along with NBC's new TV epic "A.D. The Bible Continues."  Created by executive producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, "A.D." is the sequel to last year's TV blockbuster mini-TV series "The Bible."  "A.D" picks up where "The Bible" left off, continuing the greatest story ever told and exploring the exciting and inspiring events that followed the Crucifixion of Christ. And the songs that make up this soundtrack are songs that give articulation to some of the sweeping themes one will encounter in reading through the stories of the early church in Acts. 

As the soundtrack's titular suggests (granted that there are a few exceptions) these 14 songs are all worship anthems.  In keeping with the epic nature of the TV series, the aural component is just as panoramic offering bold, big and sweeping sounds that have the propensity to fill large stadiums with energetic outburst of heightened worship.  However, if novelty is what you are looking for, you'll be disappointed.  Save for "Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)" by WILDFIRE7, all the songs here have been released before.  Since Integrity Music is the mastermind behind this project, the bulk of the songs can be found on their catalog of releases some going back a few years with the latest being the Brilliance's "Breathe" which is lifted off their newly released set "Brother."

Nevertheless, regardless of the genesis of the songs, the record is loaded with gems.  A prime example is Darlene Zschech's 2013 "Victor's Crown."  Co-written by Zschech, Israel Houghton and Kari Jobe, this well-crafted dynamite of a ballad not only describes the resurrection of Christ in majestic proportions, but it also speaks of how this Risen Christ topples all the "high things" in our lives today.  Rarely has any songwriter linked the two issues (of Christ's resurrection and our idolatry) together in such a theologically Christ-pleasing fashion.  And if you are looking for a song that encapsulates the creedal confession of Christianity in a way that is succinct and catchy, look no farther than Newsboys' "We Believe." 

So apropos to the storyline of the early church is Desperation Band's "Make a Way."  A song that paves the Messiah's highway in the midst of disbelief and persecution, "Make a Way" is indeed a rapt anthem for those feeling oppressed.  Another Desperation Band cover is Jeremy Camp's "Overcome."  Taken from Camp's worship album a few years back, "Overcome" clocks in at over 8 minutes but Camp's delivery is so engaging that we don't even feel the passing of time. 

Nevertheless, one has to say a word of the soundtrack's apparent unreleased song "Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)."  Though the song is credited (in the press release) to WILDFIRE7, it's exactly a carbon copy of Hillsong UNITED's original.  Even the pauses and the space-out atmospheric ambience of the song do not deviate.  "Oceans" is a great song and it has invited many artists covering it.  But to date, no one and definitely not WILDFIRE7, makes their cover worth the time.   



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