Smalltown Poets Releases Their Second Christmas Album

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Smalltown Poets is honored to release their second Christmas album, "Christmas Time Again."  This is their second Christmas album and it's also arguably their best. 

Speaking with Hallels in our exclusive interview, they say, "The title track "Christmas Time Again" is a story song that follows a young man throughout the seasons of his life, as he tries to make it home for Christmas. I'm a softie. I cried throughout the writing process and still do sometimes when I hear it. I also love "This Day In Bethlehem." We wrote it when were 16 years old, and I'm happy that it's finally found a place."

Though members of Smalltown Poets are scattered all over the country, but with "Christmas Time Again," all original members traveled to Atlanta to work together for the first time in sixteen years. This gave the band the opportunity to not only create a unique holiday project, they were able to renew their commitment to their band, and to each other.

"Thanks to technology and modern recording techniques, we have been able to stay a band, writing music and recording, even though we live in different cities across the country," states Michael Johnston, lead vocalist. "It's strange to say, but coming back together as a band in the studio felt like home. So many themes in Christmas music focus on family, togetherness and those sorts of feelings, so being together in the studio brought new meaning to those themes. I think you can hear it in the songs."

"It was extraordinary how quickly we fell back into place musically. The whole process was as if we never stopped touring and living in the same areas," explains Danny Stephens, keyboardist for the band. "Now we feel truly honored and excited for the experience to share these songs live."

Smalltown Poets burst onto the Christian music scene with their Grammy-nominated self-titled debut on Ardent/Forefront (EMI) in 1997 and released two more albums with the Memphis based label. Three number one singles and a total of ten top ten radio hits helped garner two Best Rock Gospel Grammy nominations, seven Dove Award nominations (including best new artist) and a Billboard Music video award for the band. Their song Anything Genuine was featured on the platinum selling WOW 1999 compilation. In 2004 the band released It's Later Than It's Ever Been on BEC(EMI).

The guys ended a 7-year hiatus from touring and recording in 2011. Over a year in the making, Smalltown Poets Christmas was released November 1st of that year, with their single "Good Christian Men Rejoice" reaching Billboard's Top 30 songs on Christian radio. Over the two holiday seasons since its release, the band has performed dozens of Christmas concerts across the U.S., in places like Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, Charlotte, and many more. 

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