HTC Unveiled its Newest RE Camera; Tagged as A Oddly-Shaped Capturing Device; Prices Starts at $199

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HTC Unveiled its Newest Re Camera; Tagged as A Oddly-shaped Capturing Device; Prices starts at $199

Proving the limitless possibilities of technology, HTC has unveiled yet another odd-shaped handheld camera.

HTC's newest flagship camera, launched together with their new 13 MP front cam selfie-friendly phone Desire Eye, was unveiled recently with the name HTC RE, PCMag reported.

The report tagged the new HTC Re camera as "a somewhat overpriced experiment at creating a true impulse camera- not an action cam, not a life-logging cam, but an 'I see this, so I'll snap it' cam."

Tech-savvies share the same opinion that HTC RE is an oddly designed camera that tries to go against GoPro, in a not so direct way. Cnet tagged HTC's new device as a camera that is not really shaped as a camera. It is said to share a close resemblance to an inhaler, a submarine periscope, and even a piece of PVC piping.

The report said that RE camera is HTC's first venture in making a different gadget. The company is known for making budget-friendly and technically sharp smartphones. HTC Re camera is said to be the first of a series of new endeavors the company will have with HTC's newly created Creative Lab Units.

Because of its lack of viewfinder, user will have to snap the camera without seeing the exact photo that they captured. This is dubbed as a potential challenge for HTC. "It's a product in a new category from a brand that's not known for this product category," Avi Greengart, a Current Analysis analyst said.

HTC themselves admitted that selling HTC RE in replacement for smartphone with cameras is indeed a great challenge that will require double marketing effort. "We have a lot of work to do to get this in the market," Jeff Gattis, HTC's head of marketing said.

Unlike its direct rival, GoPro action cameras, HTC said that they target parents who are engaged in their child's active lifestyle, youths with on-the-go social life, and travelers who do not want the hustle of bringing bulky and too-technical professional cameras.

"We're not GoPro; if we went up against them we would lose," Gattis admitted. HTC said Re camera's edge will be its durability and simplicity. The 10-centimeter 16MP snap camera is a waterproof device with two buttons only.

HTC also wanted consumers to be able to capture an important action moment while their eyes enjoy the moment at the same time. CBC reported that a smartphone app can be used if the user like to view the photo that is about to get capture, although that will be against the camera's goal of eliminating smartphone in capturing a live scene.

In terms of price, HTC Re camera will have a debut price of $199. A purchase will include 8GB storage that is expandable of up to 128 GB. HTC also hinted that the price can go lower up to $100 in order to capture the soft-spot of parents who would like to capture their kid's momentous actions while playing sports.

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