Jesus Wins: New Hope Oahu Celebrates With Hallels the Release of their New Album "Victorious"

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New Hope Oahu together with DREAM Label Group along with DREAM Worship have just released the highly anticipated sophomore release of New Hope Oahu's "Victorious." Their debut release "Hope is Alive" charted #6  on Christian Billboard followed by Religious Album of the Year from the Hawaiian Academy of Recording Arts Na Hoku Hanohano Award.  Victorious is once again produced by DREAM Label Group Founder, David Hanley and recorded in Honolulu at New Hope Oahu in the state of the art recording studio. Victorious captures the spirit of Hawaii coupled with excellence, excitement and relevant Christ centered victorious lyrics.

We are so honored to be able to catch up with this annointed worship team as they share with us their excitement over their new album in this Hallels' exclusive interview: 

Hallels: Congratulations on winning the Na Hoku Hanohsno Religious Album of the Year 2014 Award, how does winning such an award for your excellent "Hope is Alive" make you feel?

We are still in shock that a church would be recognized for such a prestigious award in Hawaii.  We stand boldly behind the content and character of our album and are still in awe of how God continues to break down walls and set the stage for His name to be glorified.  

Hallels: Coming from Hawaii, how has the Hawaiian culture been reflected in the sound of your worship?

Everything we do is done with the people of Hawaii in mind.  God has moved mightily in Hawaii, going back to the Hawaiian Monarchy as Queen Kapiolani stood up for Jesus against the Hawaiian Fire Goddess Pele and sang "O Thou Great Jehovah" at the cliffs of the volcano.  We proudly continue this move of God in the islands and relish the responsibility to represent Hawaii well.

Hallels: You have a follow-up album "Victorious" coming soon.  Did you approach the writing, recording or song selection of "Victorious" any differently relative to "Hope is Alive'?

"Hope is Alive" was our cry out to God in the midst of a season of struggle.  Our main venue roof caved in, false accusation were made against a number of churches in Hawaii and  the state government passed a controversial law that the people of Hawaii were strongly against.  In the midst of these storms we chose to stand on the promises of God and declare that hope is alive!  While writing the new album we wanted to express our gratitude to our King for His grace, His provision and His victory.  While the fight is still before us, we choose as a church and a people of God to proclaim that through the blood of Jesus we are Victorious.  

Hallels: Is there a take home message you want your listeners to grasp after hearing "Victorious"?

Jesus wins!

Hallels: I really love "None Like You," "Grace Like Rain" and "Yours Forever" on the new album, do you have any favorites?  And why? 

Right now I'm in love with "Faithful You Are", written by Christina Brown.  The song puts music to my gratefulness to God for his faithfulness in my life.  Even as a church, as we move into our 20th year of New Hope, this song has becoming our anthem for all God has done, does and will do.

Hallels: Being a fan of the writings and preaching of your senior pastor Wayne Cordeiro, how involved is he with this new record "Victorious"?

While the songs we write our inspired by God, our Pastor definitely is a source of inspiration too.  Much of the content and lyric comes from messages and devotional time Pastor Wayne has shared.  The whole theme of "Victorious" was influenced by his boldness to stand for Jesus in the midst of anything and everything.

Hallels: If our readers would like to purchase "Victorious" or find out more about you, where can they go?

It's as simple as texting NHO to 51555!

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