Kevin Costner in Tough Custody Battle with Octavia Spencer in ‘Black and White’

Kevin Costner
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Kevin Costner in Tough Custody Battle with Octavia Spencer in ‘Black and White'

In the drama film "Black and White," Kevin Costner plays a Los Angeles lawyer who after having been devastated from the demise of his wife and his daughter takes over to care for his biracial granddaughter. A heated battle over the custody of the child soon follows when Costner's character refuses to share custody to the African-American mother of the child's father. Costner co-stars with Octavia Spencer as the grandmother.

The film is directed and written by Mike Binder, and produced by Costner. It had its premiere over the weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival. In an interview with Costner, he shares his sentiments about the film and how he is confident about the story. He adds that he knows someone is set to make the film, however, things didn't turn out the way he expected it to be. He ended up financing the movie himself, as he said that he felt accountable to Mike Binder about a promise to get the movie made.

And while the film tackles the issue of race in America, even Costner himself agrees that it is not the kind of subject that immediately creates a spark with big studios. But he stresses that it is also the kind of subject that's not simply going away without doing something about it. "Black and White" is currently looking for distribution at the Toronto International Film Festival, but the legendary actor is confident about handling it himself as well when necessary.

Costner was last seen in "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit," "Draft Day," "3 Days to Kill," and "Man of Steel."


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