The 100 Season 2 Premiere Date, Spoilers Reveals Much Anticipation Episodes Release Date

CW The 100 Season 2

The 100 Season 2 Premiere Date, Spoilers Reveals Much Anticipation Episodes Release Date 

Its Look like CW The 100 Second Season is this year must awaited series to be shown in TV and internet, The sci-fi drama cast and creator Jason Rothenberg talk about what's ahead..

It seems season 2 will concentrate more on politics and will focus on different societies the series have already featured

Season 1 left off with the characters divided in the end, with some being locked up at Mount Weather, some coming down from space, and some elsewhere. Jason Rothenberg says reunions are a key storyline in Season 2.

In Season 1 Raven was challenged emotionally. Lindsay Morgan says that In Season 2 she will be more challenge with a different kind of breakdown plus Lincoln and Octavia's story will introduce us to some of the other societies in the world including the grounders.

Whittle also point out that viewers will get to know the "Boat People" and the Mountain Men better in this upcoming second season. Through Lincoln and Octavia audience are going to learn more about the world that the 100 have landed in and the war that's currently going on in the series, Whittle also spokes about bulking up for the role of Lincoln, and working with a vocal coach to master an American accent. But when it came down to it, he preferred fewer lines for his character, in an effort to keep up the mystique and keep everything in his eyes. "I've talked with the producers and the writers about cutting down his dialogue. As an actor, you want to speak more, but I was like 'no, I don't wanna.' Keep that mystique, keep him silent. He doesn't need to answer. Lincoln's going to go this way, they're going to argue. I'm not going to explain to you why I'm going this way. I'm going to go this way, if you follow, you follow. If you don't, you're probably going to die. But I don't care, I'm going this way. It's that sort of mystique that I wanted to keep."

There will be upcoming twist in the story; "We're going to keep flipping it on its head," Ricky Whittle teased. And later, Marie Avgeropoulos also hinted at a potential twist, saying, "What you think is happening, it's the complete opposite." She went on to talk about some of the other groups of people involved in Season 2. "You're going to meet a whole new group of people that survived, or not, the radiation and the effects of the nuclear apocalypse. And The 100 also has the adults that came down." Avgeropoulous says we'll get to see how the adults who came down deal with their new surroundings.

Meanwhile the second season has been quoted "Juvenile prisoners from a space-station society are exiled to Earth decades after the planet was destroyed by nuclear war."

Ricky Whittle credits CW and WB for having the series push the line in the first season, pointing how dark the series comparison to some of the other shows on the network.

Season 2 will be much darker!

Lindsay Morgan says, it sounds like this season will even be more suspenseful for our viewers and fans.

Well if you think Season 1 was nuts then Season 2 is definitely much more insane! get ready! the second season premieres on Season premieres on October 22, 2014 in CW Network.



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