Movie Dealing with Forgiveness, Compassion, and Family "Hero" Comes to DVD; Watch Trailer Here


Coming to DVD on September 16, 2014 is the new inspirational movie "Hero."   From the producers of Alone Yet Not Alone,  "Hero" is a heartfelt movie that deals with forgiveness, compassion and family.  Starring Burgess Jenkins (Remember the Titans, Nashville, The Shunning) who plays a legendary children's baseball coach, the movie also features Justin Miles, R. Keith Harris, Gregory Alan Williams, and Mark Joy. 

The film focuses on a man named Joe Finn, who once coached his son and his team, the Gappers, to the State Championship. His son, David, threw a no-hitter in the big game. Now seven years have passed in which Joe left the family for a while, attempting to find wealth so that he could give them more. Unfortunately, his wife Hannah was struck with cancer, and Joe made it back home to share only two weeks with her before she died. David is now grown, coaching the Miller Gap Gappers, and bitter at his father for his absence from home. Joe notices that things have changed and the Gappers are no longer the team they used to be. His passion to do things right and to get the fathers of the players involved soon stirs things up but he also begins to get results. The bloopers by the players before they improve will bring some chuckles to viewers. 

Soon he forms his own league and the head of the county league, and coach of the Sharks, Bill Dawson, agrees to a one game meeting. If the Gappers win, Dawson will allow Joe's team to continue and recognize them and if not, he won't. The climax features a great baseball game and some surprises, including a few dads showing up for their sons, one who has been in prison. This inspiring and dramatic movie, "Hero", features strong performances from Burgess Jenkins as Joe, Justin Miles as his son David, R. Keith Harris as Winston Heller, Mark Joy as Fred, and Gregory Allan Williams as Warden Kent Redding. The themes include forgiveness and the willingness to move forward. One great line in the movie is, "It doesn't say to honor thy father and thy mother only if they're perfect." 

Content Description:
Sex: None
Language: Geez-1; one player calls another one "Stinker" several times.
Violence: A kid punches another kid and they start a fight which is soon stopped.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Tension between a father and a son; a funeral service and grief; spitting by a few people; a man is placed into solitary confinement and weeps and cries out to God; kids make fun of a player whose dad is in prison but they are stopped and told they are a team and they change toward him; a woman has lost her hair from chemotherapy and covers this up; a man imagines talking with his deceased wife and she comforts him.



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