“The Blacklist Season 2 Spoilers Release Date, Spoilers & Reveals, Plot Thickens with Red, Berlin and Liz”

The Blacklist Season 2

"The Blacklist Season 2 Spoilers Release Date, Spoilers & Reveals, Plot Thickens with Red, Berlin and Liz" 

The blacklist first season focused on the mysterious relationship between Reddington and Elizabeth Hayes and the second season is set to focus on that with twists about the missions that Reddington is conducting. It is slated to come out in Sep 22nd this year. In the first season, the show's creator Jon Bokenkamp implied that Red may in fact be Liz's father but that is all everyone knows. The mystery and vagueness with Red treats the relationship allows one to deduce that he is fact lying about everything but that's about just that.

Berlin is set to be the main antagonistic element is the second season as the spoiler alert is there is going to be woman hunting Red down. She is rumored to be an ex-mossad agent with a lot of resourcefulness. Needless to say she is going to find him and Red is going to become aware of the true meaning of the saying 'Hell hath no fury like a woman who is scorned. Apparently this woman is going to become part of the Reddington team which is notably one of few members as seen from the past season consisting of Dembe and Luci; who died after being shot by Anslo Garrick. So she may in fact take the spot previously occupied by Luci in the show.

As for Berlin it is evident that Red is using the cases to smoke out Berlin but he may have other agendas, knowing Reddington and this flow into the usual theme of the blacklist, which is everything, is connected even though it does not seem so. Overall, it should be quite entertaining; chock full of drama and action with cutting edge espionage.


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