HOUSEFIRES Release New Single Ahead of 5th Live Album


HOUSEFIRES will be releasing their fifth live album HOUSEFIRES V (LIVE) July the 12th.  They have recently released a music video for their new single I'll Give Thanks ahead of their new album, which is available for pre-order now. The new single features Kirby Kaple and is one of eight songs on their fifth live album.


1. I'll Give Thanks (Live) [feat. Kirby Kaple]
2. Blessings (Live) [feat. Nate Moore]
3. Let The Light In (Live) [feat. Pat Barrett]
4. God Is So Good (Live) [feat. Pat Barrett]
5. Open Space (Live) [feat. Kirby Kaple]
6. Coming Home (Live) [feat. Nate Moore]
7. So Much Better (Live) [feat. Tony Brown]
8. Running (Live) [feat. Nate Moore]  

In 2009, a couple hundred people came together in the heart of downtown Atlanta to establish a different kind of church. A next generation-kind of church that hearkened back to something ancient, New Testament even. "We felt like God wanted a fresh expression of church," Grace Midtown pastor Matt Reynolds says of the journey. "Something that required faith and risk in partnership with God... Something so simple you could tell that God was in it or not-no lights, smoke or lasers to hide what wasn't there." 

Seven years later, Grace Midtown consists of almost 50 house churches-small gatherings of regular people who meet in individual homes-in and around metropolitan Atlanta. "People are skeptical of the organized church," he says, "but people really want to connect with God, a community, and to be part of something Spirit-led."

It's out of this house church movement that HOUSEFIRES began. But there's more here than a church worship band. "The name captures what is happening. It's bigger than a certain style of music, and it's much more than an expression of one church. It's an expression of what God is doing in ordinary places, in 'houses on fire' all over the world."

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