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Country music icon George Strait has released a surprise new song entitled "God and Country Music."  This is not the first time Strait has mentioned God in his song title.  In 2008, Strait released "I Saw God Today", which became his 43rd Billboard Number One hit.   "God and Country Music" celebrates the music of the past while reflecting on the notion that country music is one of only two things "still worth savin'."

"There's always lost in the found / Darkness in the 'I Saw the Light' / It's still livin' in those small towns / In some church or backroad honky-tonk tonight / It's a dance between the sin and the salvation / Come hell or high water, there's two things still worth savin' / God and country music," he sings in the chorus.

Luke Laird, Barry Dean and Lori McKenna co-wrote "God and Country Music," which features Strait's 6-year-old grandson, Harvey Strait, as a special guest vocalist. 

Strait first performed "God and Country Music" live during a show in Las Vegas in December as part of his Strait to Vegas residency along with two other new songs, "Every Little Honky Tonk Bar" and "Codigo." He released a studio version of "Codigo" in December. Strait has announced the upcoming release of a new studio album titled Honky Tonk Time Machine, which is set to drop on March 29. 


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