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G12 Worship

G12 Worship's ascent into the worship community is felt with their fresh sounding new single, "All Things New." Known for their lyrically heartfelt style of worship, G12 Worship's "All Things New" is the follow up to their debuts "Blood Of Jesus" and "Abba Father" which saw an immediate reaction with G12 Worship enthusiasts.

The former team of the Dove Award-Winning Soulfire Revolution is the contemporary worship band for the G12 Churches in America -it is a collective made up of pastors and leaders from many congregations across the United States. New talents have recently joined this worship team and together are impacting this generation. Their songs have been sung around the world and translated into many languages.

Q:  Thanks for doing this interview with us.  What does G12 mean? 

It means Generation 12. Like the generation of Jesus, he worked closely with his 12 disciples and prepared them to spread the message. In the same way we fell we are part of the Jesus movement and he has chosen us to take the good news of salvation.

Q:  Who are the key leaders of G12 Worship?  

There are 5 worship leaders and I lead the team. but we all write songs and collaborate in the music ideas. 

Q:  Formerly, you were Soulfire Revolution, why the change of name?  What happen there?

Well we felt it was time for something new, and also to represent what God is doing in our church which is called G12 church. Soulfire felt like something apart from who we truly are. We are pastors within our church and we love being involved in the local church and taking the heart of our church to other people through the songs.

Q:  I have just been listening to your singles and I loved them.  In your opinion, what makes a great worship song?

Awesome!! I think it's having a specific word for a specific time and putting it into simple words and a touching melody. I think when the writer has had an experience with Jesus that will also be reflected in the song. 

Q:  Talk to us about your new single "All Things New." What's the story behind this song?

All Things New is based on Revelation 21:5  "He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making everything new!" Then he said, "Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true." So it's basically to believe that God will remove the failures from our past and he will give us a new hope and a future. This word gives us hope when we go through difficult situations.

Q:  When can we expect your album to drop? What can we look forward to as far as the new album is concerned?  

We are planning for the spring of next year.

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