Transform On How Their New Single "Wildfire" Speaks of the Gospel in Dynamic Ways


Denver, CO-based Pop/EDM group Transform (formerly Transform DJs) releases its energetic, pop, electro-house and rap influenced single "Wildfire" that is already garnering Rock and Hot AC / CHR radio airplay nationally. 

The new single follows Transform's widely acclaimed first, full-length album Never Alone, which released in 2015 and landed six songs on multiple Beatportcharts, including hitting top 5 on both the Pop/Rock and Glitch Hop international radio play charts. The album also sparked international radio playforsongs "Forever," "Valley" and the title track, which was later remixedby Audicid (Chris Howland). 

Q: Thanks for doing this interview with us.  Who is Transform?

You are welcome. We have had amazing members in the past, but at the moment, we have original members Jonathan Burgess and Tim Heil, and now as songwriters, vocalists, performers - our wives, Angela Burgess and Lorna Heil, are now in Transform, which has been the goal from the very beginning! 

Q:  How did you come together as a group?

We formed a production company called "Tranceform Productions." We used to throw dance music events/parties, using it as a way to reach the rave/club culture. That was such a special time as we got to see God work through key moments where we saw people who were not Christians catch a glimpse of Christs love for them.  We got to talk about Jesus with party kids, DJs, a drug dealer, and a key Denver promoter. Later in 2009 we were invited to play at Ichthus Music Festival and saw the "wave" of EDM rising, so we formed Transform DJs and now as a group or an act we perform as Transform.

Q: Formerly, you were known as Transform DJs, why abbreviate your name to just Transform?

We are still DJs, we just perform now with more live elements of singing, rap, drum elements, etc.  After touring a lot, we realized that "DJs" vs. band or act can be confusing. We thought we still are who we are, but because Transform communicates a better picture of who we are and how we need to operate as a group, we went with that. Not unlike the Rend Collective (Experience) name update perhaps. In a way Transform DJs / Transform are a bit interchangeable but our music is now released under Transform.

Q:  How would you describe your style of music?

Pop/EDM & Worship

Q: "Wildfire" is your new single.  What's the song about? And why are you excited about it?

"'Wildfire' is about the gospel, it's about bringing light into the darkness, it's about joining a movement to spread Christ's light. It's also about allowing the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of people to see the miraculous happen. We can explain biblically the various moves of the Holy Spirit, but what we cannot explain is a powerless church. A little bit of 'wildfire' is better than no fire." 

Q:  Does the release of a new single mean that you have a brand-new album on the way?  If so, when will it be released? And what can fans expect from this new record? 

We are super focused on singles at the moment. This summer we will be releasing a the follow up to "Wildfire!"  We will be releasing a new pop/EDM collab with hip-hop artist "Sean Be," Lorna just went in studio to start recording 4 new original songs and we have more on the way!  We also are working on "Champion," a song particularly close to my heart!

Q:  You also host a radio program.  Tell us more about this and what it is about.

Ya, in partnership with New Release Today, we have a weekly syndicated show that is broadcast internationally.  We then turn the show into a podcast so you can listen "on-demand." It features the best in Christian and positive electronic dance music. The show features producers, artists and DJs from all over the world, and it infuses a bit of scripture, the Gospel #John316, and some electronic dance music history.  It's super fun and we enjoy bringing it to listeners!

Q: "Wildfire" speaks of the power of Holy spirit breaking out on people's lives.  Have you ever had an experience with God's Spirit that you can share with us?

Yes, for the past few years we have been on a journey to pursue Holy Spirit/His gifts more.  When I was 14, I asked for and received a prayer language that has been a foundation in my prayer life as a personal, intimate gift for prayer.  It was a powerful moment, a baptism in The Spirit, where the Lord gave me this gift that is still with me today. And as I/we have grown up, we continue to learn how to hear Holy Spirit through the Word, through circumstance and through people, and we continue to ask to be filled up with more of Him.   

Lately, based on Joel 2, 1 Corinthians 12 & 14, I decided to take God at his word and "ask" for the gift of prophecy. Through this, God has taught me to seek Him in a new way. I realize he wants to speak to me "today" and he wants to share the secrets of his heart and plan with us, so we can "partner" our plans, hopes, even dreams with His.

Recently, two people who I did not know who loved Jesus, gave me incredibly specific words, that I believe were words of knowledge from the Lord.  I believe what they said aligned with the word of God. They gave specific encouragement, comfort and even direction and equipping (strengthening) for the months that followed. In that moment, I felt known, loved and felt that yes...God knows me personally and I know him personally. I could hardly believe how specific the words were.  He's not just an entity out there somewhere. I think that is what Holy Spirit wants to show us... How much we are loved and how powerful it is to love Jesus.

I just want to align myself, partner, expect, serve and love & impact the world around me for Christ and I just can't do that without Him!  Imagine if every believer daily asked for more "love and power" and boldly...even audaciously obeyed what God was speaking to them....  This is such a great topic, and one that can be easily misrepresented. I just want to align myself with scripture and not miss out on how incredible it is to walk in step with all God has!



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