LOVECOLLIDE Explains Why They are "Tired of Basic"


Lauren DeLeary Budnick and Brooke DeLeary, known collectively as the faith-forward pop duo LOVECOLLIDE, are ready to release of their first major, nationally distributed album, Tired Of Basic (The Fuel Music). LOVECOLLIDE is formally making their introduction to the larger music world and is poised to vastly expand their sphere of influence.

With their 10 new tracks, the sisters have crafted a soundtrack for the revolution--a revolution against boredom, mediocrity and status quo living. It's a message that isn't just for the band's audience; it's for the band, too.

Sonically, Tired Of Basic finds LOVECOLLIDE at their musical peak, experimenting with new, cutting edge sounds that stand up to the best Top 40 radio has to offer. Armed with the prowess of new producers Riley Friesen (Family Force 5, Group 1 Crew) and Matt Dally (Superchick, Jamie Grace), LOVECOLLIDE has found its perfect match to achieve the sound they want to accompany their lyrics.

Q:  Thank you so much for doing this interview with us.  Let's start with your new album "Tired of Basic."  How would you define "basic"?

A: Basic is the bare minimum. It's following the crowd. Just living in a box created by culture or by yourself. Basic is sitting on the sidelines watching life go by. It's being a spectator. Basic is letting fear make your decisions. Basic is not fully living out God's unique purpose and dream for your life. Basic is letting insecurities, fear, doubt, depression, anxiety define who you are. 

Q:  In what ways are you tired of basic? 

A: I'm tired of letting what other people think define who I am. I am tired of not going after what I am truly designed for because I fear people will misunderstand. I'm tired of letting anxiety stop me from achieving my goals. I'm tired of letting depression feed me. I'm tired of the battle between those who hate and those who hate the haters. In the end, Love is the greatest motivator.  I think it's time we, as a society, as a nation, as human beings, learn that. 

Q:  What are some ways we can live lives that demonstrate a faith that is risky? 

A: By being bold and breaking out of those boxes created by culture or by ourselves. By stepping into the extraordinary life God has planned for us. By living as rebels and living by heaven's rules. By embracing ourselves, flaws and all. By knowing God understands us even when anxiety makes us feel unknown, and knowing God is there for us even when we feel depression setting in. 

Q:  Why do you think many Christians are not growing in their faith? 

A: Because they are comfortable in basic. But they don't see how that is killing them. Because they are letting depression define them or letting anxiety make their decisions. 

Q:  How is this "risky faith" reflected in your new album? 

A: Each song was written from the heart. If you follow Jesus, you are alive in Christ but that doesn't necessarily mean you are awake. We want to live "Awake." We sing about the "Extraordinary" life that happens when we step out of basic. The songs are about not wanting anything without God's hand in it - "I Don't Want It." We talk about our own doubts and dark time times of anxiety and depression in our song "Maybe." 

Q:  What are some areas that you have touched upon in your album to encourage us to deeper faith? 

A: We call ourselves the rebels of this generation because we are aliens in this world and live by heaven's rules. If you're tired of living basic, it's time to step out of the boxes created by culture. The album speaks about joy and not letting depression hold you down. Let's be the weirdos God called us to be and prove to the world that we are not extinct. The album encourages you to go deeper in your faith, and not be discouraged by anxiety. Ordinary people do extraordinary things because God is extraordinary. The album will hopefully encourage you to make decisions out of bravery, not fear. 

Q:  Musically, is this album different in sound from your previous releases? 

A: Yes. This sounds like top 40s radio. Very pop. We were more instrumental based, whereas now we've incorporated more electronic.  

Q:  Can you give us an illustration from your own life where you have stepped out in faith? 

A: Yes, I broke off an engagement to a man I had been with for 4 years. We only had 5 months before we were supposed to get married. God revealed to me how he wasn't the one. I was scared but I did it anyway. We had just sent out save the dates to over 200 addresses. The following week - I called it off. But God is good, and I am now married to my best friend, and my dream come true; our fellow band member (the drummer), Adam. I didn't let anxiety stop me from doing what God called me to do.




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