Over $95,000 Was Raised for Sidewalk Prophets After Trailer Fire

Sidewalk Prophets

Thanks to the generosity of over 1,400 people from all 50 US states and 11 other countries, over $97,000 was raised. This money was given to CCM group Sidewalk Prophets to help them cover expenses brought on by a horrific trailer fire.

On February 9th, at 5am on I-40W just outside of Okemah, Oklahoma Sidewalk Prophet's bus was on fire.  Fortunately, no one was hurt. But a lifelong collection of priceless musical equipment and many of the pieces that were crucial to their tour were destroyed.  The value of lost gear/equipment/merchandise was over $95,000.

"One week ago at this time we were just starting to process the impact of the trailer fire. There were a lot of unknowns in that moment. How would we play our next show? Would the tour even be able to continue? How would we be able to cope with the financial impact of losing so much, so quickly."

"We've talked daily this past week about the ridiculous outpouring of love and support for this ministry. The bottom line is people do not donate to causes they don't believe in. Your generosity is doing more than helping us keep stable monetarily. It is filling us with a renewed passion and fervor for the cause. We realize fully that it isn't the cause of Sidewalk Prophets that you have contributed to. It is the message of Christ that we obediently carry that is the driving force behind this overwhelming support"

The band added, "To say that we owe you is an understatement. So from here on out, whenever we're loading up our new trailer, and loading in our replacement gear we are going to think of you. We're going to think about how you believed in us enough to help us. We look at your contribution as an unbreakable bond. We will look at each show with fresh eyes and with this new perspective we see that your love and generosity are now deeply sown into the fabric of our calling. We move forward together as one great big family. We're humbled, honored, and excited for the next chapter. Thank you." 

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