Doyle Lawson on Caring for Others Through New Project to Benefit the IBMA Trust Fund

Doyle Lawson

Bluegrass Hall of Fame Member, National Heritage Fellowship recipient and 5 time Grammy nominated artist Doyle Lawson has recently gather some of bluegrass music finest artists to record and release a special album. A record that sends a message of hope and help.COME SEE ABOUT ME: A Benefit For The IBMA Trust Fund releases Sept. 28th on Mountain Home Music.

The 11-track concept offering is created to generate income for and awareness of the Fund. The Bluegrass Trust Fund (officially the "IBMA Trust") was established in 1987 to offer financial aid to Bluegrass music professionals in time of emergency need.  The record features songs performed by Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Donna Ulisse, Darin & Brooke Aldridge, The Grascals, Sideline, Lonesome River Band, Balsam Range, Chris Jones & The Night Drivers, Love Canon and other special guests. Lawson, who serves as the album's Executive Producer with Mickey Gamble, contributed two songs on the project.

Q: Doyle, thanks so much for your time. Recently, you came up with the idea releasing a music album to generate awareness and income for the IBMA Trust Fund. What is the IBMA Trust Fund?

As a founding member of the IBMA one of the goals early on was to establish a Trust Fund to aid our professional bluegrass musicians. It's a 501C3 nonprofit with guidelines and regulations we abide by.

Q: How does this fund help bluegrass musicians?

In times of need due to sickness or unforeseen events we are able (if they meet the criteria) to assist them as much as possible. However, it's not a cure all, it just helps them to hopefully get past the situation they're dealing with. To donate:

Q: Talk to us about this new album. Who are some of the artists featured on this record?

Did you hand-pick the artists to appear on the album? These are artists who record for Mountain Home who gave of their time and effort for this worthy cause. Balsam Range, Donna Ulisse, The Grascals, Lonesome River Band, Darin & Brooke Aldridge, Sideline, Chris Jones, Love Canon, Chris Jones and the Night Drivers, and me and my band Quicksilver.

Q: You have two songs on the album. The first is a Gospel song "We'll Never Walk Alone." Why did you decide to do a Gospel song?

We'll Never Walk Alone was written by Josh Swift's dad Randy Swift. I think it's a fitting song for this recording because I believe that all good things come from God. The song reflects that perfectly.

Q: The other song is "All The Good Things We Could Do" which is co-written by Donna Ulisse. What is it about this song that excites you?

Donna Ulisse is a wonderful writer who can take an idea and run with it. I asked her to write a song for me. She got with Rebekah Long to write it. And really, if we all could work together in harmony and trust, we'd be amazed at all the good things we could do.

Q: "Come See About Me," the title cut and single, is sung by a whole bunch of artists. Who are some of the artists on it? And why was this song chosen to showcase this project?

Initially I had written a song with Donna Ulisse for the "cast" to sing, but then I remembered hearing Come See About Me from a recording by Randy Travis and Conway Twitty some years ago. After thinking about how I wanted to do the final call for help I felt it was better suited for what I envisioned. It's a cry for help from people from all walks of life. Every group was a part of this in some form or other -- with the exception of Love Canon. I wanted each artist or group to be brief but powerful in their delivery. And did they ever deliver!

Q: What has the making of this album reminded you about caring for others?

I thank all of them, Mickey Gamble and all the folks at Mountain Home for coming on board in this undertaking for the IBMA Trust Fund. 

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