Loso Releases 'Before I Commit' EP on Aug. 18


Loso disproves the theory that battle rappers can't make good concept records with the release of Before I Commit, his EP due out on Fri., Aug. 18. The Tampa-based emcee, who has been recognized for his mastery in The Bullpen Battle League, King of the Dot and Enter the Dungeon battles, showcases his versatility on the introspective seven-song set.

The album concept has multiple meanings. Before I Commit is Loso's last EP before he releases an album in November; it is a pledge to stay committed to his mission; and it is the last project recorded before he wed his beautiful bride on July 29. The messages are addressed in the songs.

On the melodic hip hop ballad "I'm Gone" featuring AC, Loso vents about the struggles that come with his pursuits. On the EP's closing track, the fun, radio-friendly "On My Way" featuring Alano Alan, Loso embraces his commitment. And on "Let Go" featuring Benjah, he makes peace with the dissolve of a past relationship.

"There's something for anybody who needs to vent," Loso says about the songs on Before I Commit. "Those three things play a part, especially the last one because it's so practical for me, before I get married here are a couple things I want to say."

Balancing being a battle rapper and recording music comes naturally to Loso. "Battle rap is not the end for me," he says. "It is a means to an end. I use it as a catapult so whenever I put out a song or a mixtape I want the battle rap to kinda put me in the spotlight and I say, 'Check out my new project.'"

Before I Commit tracklisting 
1. "I'm Gone" (feat. AC) 
2. "2 Sides" (feat. Anthony Mareo) 
3. "Let Go" (feat. Benjah) 
4. "Mountains" (feat. Yung Prince) 
5. "Promise" (feat. Anthony Mareo) 
6. "Work It Out" (feat. Fee-Lo) 
7. "On My Way" (feat. Alano Adan)



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