Lou Fellingham Hopes to Share the Reality that God is with Us with New Live Album

Lou Fellingham

Phatfish alumna Lou Fellingham has released her very first live solo album This Changes Everything via Integrity Music. This album is a bold step forward, an opportunity for Lou Fellingham for trust in God and sing without a safety-net.

Timeless and moving, the songs of This Changes Everything are made for Churches across the world to adopt. Songs like 'All I Need You' and 'Everlasting Arms' hearken back to the same honesty and desire for God that can be felt in the iconic anthem 'There is a Day' which launched Lou Fellingham into homes and hearts across the world.

Filled with the presence of hundreds of voices in worship, the live recording of This Changes Everything carries with it a power that studio releases simply lack. It is honest worship sung with vulnerable hearts. As well as featuring brand new songs by Lou, the album also feature a classic - if sadly forgotten - hymn which has been reworked to touch the hearts of all ages: How Great The Love Of Jesus is brought back into a timeless recording, and certainly back into Church services to come.

The culmination of 20 years in worship, This Changes Everything is Lou Fellingham at her distinctive best: honest, joyful, and soaring in praise. 

Q:  Thank you so much for doing this interview with us.  Shannon Walker of Integrity Music was the one that introduced your music to me.  Can you tell us a little about yourself?  How did you get to be a worship leader?  

Of course!  I live in Brighton, England, I am a mum of 3 and I'm married to a guy called Nathan Fellingham. That's the important stuff first! I have been singing since the age of 7 in local churches, then choirs, bands, basically anything I could be involved in, I was.  I come from a village in England, so had no obvious connections but went everywhere with a demo tape in hand! The job description of 'worship leader' didn't even exist in my world.  

I moved to Brighton in 1994 to join a band called 'Phatfish'.  We were a band that were heavily involved in local church and ministry and also played in a lot of pubs, clubs in England. Our heart was to be 'salt and light' in these places.  Sharing the gospel through song and story but very subtly.  Alongside this we were involved with an event called 'Stoneleigh Bible Week', playing alongside people like Stuart Townend and growing in our understanding of sung worship (and music!).  After a while it became evident that we were called as a band to steer our songs toward believers, still with the possibility that unbelievers would hear and enjoy but really to equip believers in their walk with God.  Truth and melody fitting together for the local church and for individuals. Songs that would inspire, bless, help sustain, equip and lead people to God.  Songs that would be used as tools for people to encounter God and respond in worship to Him. After 20 years God made it clear that it was time for Phatfish to draw to a close and for us (myself and husband Nathan) to continue under my name. 

Leading people in worship has been something we have done in different forms over the years.  Sometimes it's within a local church setting, sometimes a conference setting, sometimes I take people on a journey over a couple of hours in an event, with stories, testimony, word and song. 

Q:  Whereabouts are you leading worship now?  Are you connected to a church or ministry movement? 

We are part of church in Brighton called 'CCK'.  It is part of the Newfrontiers movement. We lead worship here on a fairly regular basis.  Other than that, we put on 'An evening with Lou Fellingham' events or lead worship at various conferences, events. 

Q:  I believe "This Changes Everything" is your first live recording with Integrity Music.  When and where was the album recorded?

It is!  We recorded in January at The Old Market, Hove which is just a venue on the outskirts of Brighton.

Q:  What was it like doing this album live rather than a studio recording? 

I'm definitely more of a 'live' girl than a studio girl.  It was sooo much fun.  Having the musicians there to flow with, lead with, people to engage with, minister to, was wonderful.  I'm a people person, so even in the studio I have to picture faces as I sing...this time they were actually in front of me!  It was such a privilege. 

Q:  One of the songs I really love is "Everlasting Arms."  I believe part of the words come from an ancient poem.  Tell us more about how the song came about. 

Thanks.  Yes, this song is based on an old hymn by a lady called Annie J Flint.  My life is pretty great but it still has it's struggles and moments where things are tough.  Last year a friend posted the words to hymn up on Facebook and they really moved me.  I found them so inspiring at a time where we were really having to dig deep in God, really having to trust Him.  I did, at times, feel like I had nothing left!  When I read the line 'When we've reached the end of our earthly resources, the Father's full giving is only begun', the Holy Spirit blasted in on me!  It was such a relief to remember that I don't have to do this in my own strength!  Yes, we bring what we have, but all that we need is in and from Him!  The other line that struck me was, 'Out of His infinite riches in Jesus, He giveth and giveth and giveth again'.  I love truth and this line reminded me of all the wealth and strength that is available in Jesus. It was life giving!  John 1 says. 'For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace'.  All that is His is ours!  

I was songwriting with Chris and Abby Eaton and these words along with another section I had up my sleeve seemed to flow with what they were all fitted together perfectly. 

There is a story behind Annie Flint writing the story, but I'm not sure we have time to go into it right now!

Q:  I believe you have a hand in writing many of the songs on record.  Can you pick a couple of the songs and tell us some of the stories behind them?

Sure.Every song has a story which I love.  For now I'll just give you a couple of them. Ha! Can you tell I'm a talker?!

'The Final Say:' Nath and I wrote this song with a guy called Jake Isaac.  I'd been doing some study for a preach I was doing in the summer and as part of that was reading the message version of Ephesians 1.  The first part it speaks of the rescue plan that was put into play and delivered and then goes onto to say that as a result of Jesus life, death and resurrection He now has 'The final word' on everything. This effects our past, effects our now - what we live for, our finance, our time, our peace and our future.  No matter how many times we fail or sin, no matter what the world looks like and the seeming uncertainty that lies ahead, Jesus has the final say over everything! 

'This changes everything:'This song gives me butterflies. Not because I wrote it! But because of the truth that JESUS IS ALIVE.  WOW!  Once again, because Jesus not only died but then rose from the dead this has impact on every part of my life.  We sometimes don't remember to live in His victory and forget that the same power that rose Jesus from the dead is now at work in us! AMAZING! One of my favourite lines is 'and my hope is in the resurrected king'.  As believers in Jesus Christ and as christians, this is where our hope lies.  Jesus is alive now and forevermore. This again has impact on our past, present and future.  Not just personally but also as a people!  I could go on...but I should probably stop! HA.

Q:  What are your hopes for this record, how do you wish this album could impact God's kingdom?

Where do I begin?  That God will be worshipped! It's all from him, for him and by him! Our hopes are that this album will bless as many people as possible.  That they would be empowered, equipped, restored, healed, sustained, set free by the power of the Holy Spirit through the truth of the songs, the melodies and the way the band play. The guys in the band carry their own anointing and we have the privilege of receiving from that too.  We love people inside and outside the church and we love God. Our heart is that through this album people will be led to live life to the full, according to Christ's riches and that He will be loved, honoured and glorified.  There are so many layers to this.  The church being all that they can be, living in the power of the gospel on an ongoing basis and then sharing the good news with those around them.  The reality that God is with them.  

Q:  "This Changes Everything," I think, is only released in the UK.  Will this album be available to those of us not in the UK? How can we purchase a copy? 

At the moment  I think the only way you can purchase the album is through iTunes.  You can also see some footage of the live recording on YouTube. I have also written a few devotionals to go alongside the album if you'd like those!
Written version > 
Audio version >
Spotify to the audio version > 

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