4 Proches Undergo a Name Change

Willow City

Bluegrass, acoustic and Christian family quartet 4 Proches have just announced that they have a new name. Slowly retiring from their present titular, they will be known as Willow City.  The team currently consists of siblings Beecher, Ezra, Lisa and Asa Proches. 

In an email to fans, Willow City explains the rationale behind their name change. "There are a few reasons behind our name change. First, 4 Proches is exceptionally hard to pronounce. (See our YouTube video HERE to watch some examples.) Second, we won't always have four band members, whether that means adding someone or a band member retiring in 20 years. Having a number in our name provides just a little complication there. ;) And finally, Willow City is where we've grown up. Where our dreams took root. Where we've created and written our music. That's just a short explanation, but you can read more on our website:"

"We will still be promoting shows as "4 Proches" since people know us under that name. It will take a while to fully retire the name 4 Proches, but we'll be working through that over the course of 2017. We're still performing the same great music with the same message, just under a new name! You'll also be seeing "Willow City" as the sending name on these emails. If you want to shoot us a message, feel free to get in touch with us at"

To learn more about them, read our exclusive interview with the siblings.

You can also follow them on Twitter as @WILLOWCITYMUSIC and on Instagram as @Willowcityofficial.  

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