PJ Morton Partners with Southern Quality Ford

PJ Morton

R&B/Soul singer-songwriter and Louisiana native PJ Morton has collaborated with Southern Quality Ford Dealers for a promotional partnership. The partnership is facilitated through Music Audience Exchange (MAX), a marketing technology company that uses data to align artists with brands for cross-promotional programs.

PJ Morton will be spotlighted in the Spring 2017 "Ford Music" program. Throughout the campaign, Ford will promote new music and behind-the-scenes video footage featuring PJ Morton across FM radio, streaming audio, social media, and online video. This campaign will create a unique Ford customer experience.

The Ford Music campaign will feature an original song from PJ Morton, "Sticking To My Guns," and a unique video highlighting the artist.    

"I'm very excited about this partnership with Southern Quality Ford. Ford is such an American staple and is synonymous with quality. My song 'Sticking To My Guns' speaks to Ford's brand and its longevity." expressed PJ Morton.




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