Robin Covington Joins Minister Amos Isaac and Rapture On New Single


Minister Amos Isaac and Rapture can easily be described as the fire that makes the St. Louis Gospel music community vibrant and powerful.  The group has spent the greater part of 2 decades singing God's praises and sharing stages with some of the genres most prominent performers both in and across the St. Louis metropolitan area, with extensive ministry opportunities covering the Midwest and other regions of the United States.  For their new single Trusting You, Minister Isaac called upon the talents of Chicago songbird and Ricky Dillard and New G Lead Singer Robin Covington.

"Trusting You is a song that speaks the sentiments of every believer who has lived through the variance of a Job experience, "states Minister Isaac.  "The Word of God is essential in the life of the believer as it enables us to know what we believe and then feed our faith daily.  With all the encounters that Job faced, he held fast to his conviction and declared, though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.  We must trust God during darkness, unanswered questions, misunderstandings, criticisms, and in our surrender, we owe God a YES.  As for the anointed songbird, Robin Covington, Rapture holds Robin Covington in high regard.  She is such an evocative and passionate singer and we knew when the song was presented to us, if anyone could do it, she could bring the message home." 

Covington shares a love for Rapture as well.  "Oh my, what can I say about Amos Isaac and Rapture, exclaims Covington. "(They are) a wonderful group with a great love and sensitivity for the music that they sing!!!! I heard Trusting You and it was a song with a powerful message that reaches the heart and that I could relate to.  I'm just grateful to Minister Isaac for the opportunity and pray that the song is received by people all over the nation."

Robin Covington heads to St. Louis to join Michael Lampkin, Jesse Prather and Indianapolis' Scott Guynn and Kingdom on Saturday, March 11th to help Minister Isaac and Rapture celebrate their 21st Anniversary and the CD release.  Trusting You heads to digital outlets in the coming week.

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