The Rock Music Seeks to Glorify Jesus on a Global Level with "Awakened by Hope"

The Rock Music

The Rock Music is proud to release their debut on DREAM Worship titled, Awakened By Hope. Lead by worship leader, Steele Croswhite, Awakened By Hope, is his third, full length worship album from The Rock Music. It is both tremendously anthemic and deeply personal. Filled with soaring guitars, heartfelt vocals, silvery themes, and a powerful rhythm section - the music draws each listener into an experience of worship through lyrics and melody. Both intense and intimate, "Awakened By Hope" captures the adoration of Jesus Christ. It is the yearning response of worship and confident conviction we have found in Him alone.  The album was produced by Rigby Road Studios owner and producer, Joel Pack (Neon Trees). 

Q: Thank you so much for doing this interview with us. Who is the Rock Music?

Thanks so much for doing the interview! We're super excited about your involvement! 
I will share with you, the paragraph I often share with our musicians for continued focus and clarity :-). 

"The Rock Music is an independent movement of music working as a collaboration of musicians who are dedicated to writing, recording and performing relevant Christ-centered music without compromise. With Christ as our anchor, each musician subscribes to the following mission statement: "I have been put on the earth to touch the world for God through music and to be a part of the best band in the world known for loving Jesus Christ." The Rock Music is rooted in the local church where we see it as our vision to Love God, Bless the Saints, and Win the lost.In order to accomplish our mission and vision, each musician strives for a consistent and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ, loves, values, and serves the local church body, and engages the lost community through concerts, outreach, worship events, albums, and art." 

Q: How did all of you come together?  And why did you call yourself the Rock Music?

I started as a worship leader inside of a Local Church in SLC Ut called "The Rock Church" in 2003. Prior to this, my background as a musician was as the singer, guitar player, frontman and writer for a touring band in the pop rock industry. With that, I had been raised with a sense of professionalism the industry demanded in music. When The Lord truly grabbed a full hold of my heart, I had an immediate passion to combine this love for Jesus with excellence in writing, recording and leading music within the local church. 

I was asked by The Church to write and record a worship album for the church in 2003, and later again in 2005. Both of these albums were blessed by The Lord and led to a furthering of the Gospel in many humbling ways. But, "The Rock Music" really started in 2007 during an extended time away spent praying and connecting with the Lord on what His heart might be for music inside of our Local Church.

I truly felt like the Lord had placed on my heart that there ought to be many amazing bands coming out of the Local Church with a heart for the whole world. I felt pressed on my mind and heart: "What if the best bands in the world came out of the local church? What if we were known for Loving God, Blessing the Saints, and Winning the lost who don't know Him". 

Since that time, God has blessed our church with many musicians who are committed to that cause, and desire to make His name famous above all through albums, worship leading, concerts, and art. All of it rooted in the local church. The reason we chose to call it "The Rock Music" is because Jesus is the Rock, and our local church in Utah is called: "The Rock Church."

Q:  Prior to "Awakened by Hope," you have also cut a couple of albums. Tell us a little about them.

YES! Well, God rocks! Once we felt like we had an idea of moving forward with this idea of bands and albums etc we started running. Over the years we have made a number of compilations with several artists, records featuring individual bands, and Eps all who have bought into Loving God, Blessing the Saints, and Winning the lost rooted in the Local Church. 

Over the years we have released 14 collections of music, and we are BEYOND excited to have partnered with Dream Records for "Awakened By Hope"! We feel very blessed by them!

Q:  How did you get to work with Dream Records for this project?

I think the quick answer would be: 13 years of prayer :-). That said, we began conversations with the Dream team in January, and after several conversations and many hours of prayer, The Rock Music was blessed to move forward with them. 

Q:  What is (are) your hope(s) for this album?  How do you wish this disc would impact the kingdom of God?

Great question! One thing we are very excited about for this record is the partnership we have with Dream. Over the years, being so connected within a local church, it has been tricky to maintain an excellent local ministry while also trying to expand our influence for the sake of The Gospel and God's glory.
Dream really blessed us with the ability to be able to continue in our local work, while they had expertise outside of our walls on a global level.  

Our prayer has been that: 
1. That Jesus would be greatly glorified through our music on a global level. 2. That the believer would engage in authentic worship through the lyrics, and experience of music. 3. That many might take one step closer in relationship with Christ as a result of this album. 

Q:  What were some of the highlights in the making of this album?

I think the greatest highlight was the process of defining what kind of album we wanted to make musically and lyrically, and then really feeling like we hit that goal. From the beginning as a band, we tried a couple of studios, and engineers and producers and settled on Joel Pack and Rigby Road Studios. Joel is a great talent; and we felt he could hit our goal sonically. 

From a musical perspective, as a band, we wanted to have a mix of "anthemic" silvery textures along with intensely personal "close" songs in feel.  
Lyrically, the desire was to focus entirely on Jesus, and his glory, and His light, and His greatness, and His nearness, while also making it easy for the worshiper to sing of these things.  By God's grace I think we hit that. So, I suppose the "Highlight" was setting a vision and seeing it come together. 

Q:  As a worship leader, what are the most important qualities a worship leader needs to have?

I truly believe that a worship leader needs an intimate, thriving, honest, relationship with Jesus. To really know God, and seek to know Him each day. 
I also truly believe that worship leaders need to personally value humility and work closely with the pastoral team in unity. 

Q:  Where can our readers go to find out more about you and your music?

The best place to access all the music would be through:

We are also very blessed to have "Awakened By Hope" featured on so many of the digital platforms and playlists.  

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