See a New Trailer From Rory Feek’s ‘To Joey With Love’ Movie

Joey + Rory Feek

Rory Feek has just posted a brand new trailer of his upcoming movie "To Joey, With Love" on Joey + Rory's Facebook page on Thursday (Sept. 1). "To Joey, With Love" is set to air in theaters all across the country for a special two-night event on Sept. 20, and again on Oct. 6. 

"To Joey, With Love" is drawn from the extensive footage Rory Feek shot of their life together, starting before the birth of their daughter, Indiana, in February of 2014 and running through the spring of 2015. The full-length documentary depicts Joey's valiant struggle with the cancer that ultimately took her life in March of 2016, capturing the incredible emotional ups and downs they experienced during that time. 

Rory says most people knew his wife and their story because of the last months of her life, when her steadfast faith in the face of death inspired people all over the world and draw massive media coverage.

"They got to see Joey die. To see her face death bravely and pass to the other side with honor," Rory wrote in his blog, This Life I Live. "But I'd like for people to have the chance to see my wife live. To see the incredible woman that she was before the doctors said there was nothing more they could do... so they can better understand the amazing impact she's had on me and everyone around her after she learned that the end was coming."


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