Blake Shelton Makes Hospice Patient’s Bucket List Wish Come True

Blake Shelton

70-year-old Brenda Roberts' bucket list was to see country music artist Blake Shelton in concert. Her wish came true earlier this week when Blake Sheltonn visited her at the Hospice Care Plus. Shelton had just released his new album If I'm Honest and his single "Savior's Shadow" recently charted on Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart.

Roberts together with her friends and the staff of the hospice were overjoyed when Shelton showed up on Monday (June 6) and sang for them. 

"Friends, one of our patients, 70-year-old Brenda, has a bucket-list wish (she prefers "dream wish") to see Blake Shelton in concert," the group writes. "The good news is that we were able to partner with her nursing home to secure two tickets: one for her, and one for her daughter, who's also a nurse. But, we can't stop there. We know that it would be incredibly meaningful to her if she could meet him briefly. We've reached out to his publicist and fan club, but haven't gotten a response yet. The concert is Monday night in Nashville. Do you have any contacts in the music industry who might be able to help? Send us a message or post a comment, and let's see if we can bring the bucket-list magic for Mrs. Brenda!"

Filled with gratitude, the people at Hospice Care Plus write on their Facebook page: "Y'all, that's Mr. Blake Shelton hugging a delighted, tearful, and very surprised Brenda Roberts. More pictures coming tomorrow. When we share them, we will also single out some very specific people, without whom our small hospice could never have done this big , bucket-list thing for this special lady. P.S. Blake Shelton, you're a hospice hero. Thank you."





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