Favorite Worship Songs 2016: A Half Yearly Review

Favorite Worship Songs

Half a year has passed.  During these last six months, we have been blessed by many releases of songs that give expressions to worship.  Based on the albums that have been submitted to us, we have chosen 10 of our favorite worship services that could do well in the service of congregational worship. Only songs that were submitted to us, songs that appeal to congregational singing, and songs that were released in 2016 were considered for this tally. 

10.Travis Ryan "We Believe" from "Until My Voice is Gone"

"We Believe," which follows in the line of Hillsong's "This is What Believe (The Creed)," is about grounding our worship in the pillar doctrines of the Church. In this song, Ryan brings out a sublime point, worship that is not grounded in truth becomes mere sentimentality.

9. Paul Wilbur "The Shadow of El Shaddai" from "Forever Good"

 Amy Grant's name may long be associated with the classic "El Shaddai," but Wilbur's "The Shadow of El Shaddai" comes close to that lofty status.  Never resolved to simplistic tropes, "The Shadow of El Shaddai" thrives on the song's attention paid to the specific events in Scripture where God has demonstrated his power.

8. Passion Worship featuring Chris Tomlin "God and God Alone" from "Salvation's Tide is Rising"

Chris Tomlin's "God and God Alone" is congregationally focused with a totally captivating bridge; this song is destined to be a worship favorite in no time. 

7. Shelly E. Johnson "Jesus the Anthem" from "Measureless"

"Jesus the Anthem" lives up to its titular.  It's a big powerhouse of a worship experience with a thundering chorus that would work wonders if it were sung in a congregational setting. In fact, the song just cries to be sung live; it's such an outburst of Holy-Spirit power that it will do miraculous wonders when it is performed in churches.

6. Pearl City Worship "My Stronghold" from "We Won't be Silent"

"My Stronghold" is one of those songs that will get you humming to its chorus in no time.  Written as a response to the persecution of Christians, "My Stronghold" gives affirmation again to the reliability and trustworthiness of Jesus within the furnace of sufferings. 

5. Bethel Music "Heaven Come" from "Have It All"

Inspired by her grandmother and her recent passing, Jenn Johnson hits a raw nerve with the synth-driven atmospheric ballad "Heaven Come;" a song that avails opportunities for broken hearts to be healed in Jesus' mighty presence.

4. Greg Sykes "We Stand as One" from "I Am N"

Written by Don Poythress and Steve Merkel, "We Stand as One" is a moving worship ballad that appropriately speaks of Christ's abiding presence in the midst of our tribulations anchoring its authority in the promises of Holy Writ.

3. Joey and Rory Feek "Jesus Loves Me" from "Hymns that Are Important to Us"

Rory and co-producer Joe West must be applauded for doing an excellent job in making these recordings sound cohesive and never jejune.  If you had not known about Joey's condition, you would not have guessed that the vocals come from a thing and frail lady who is at the throes of death. Together with a chorus of children, Joey sounds like she was in the pink of health when she delivers "Jesus Loves Me" with her western cowgirl verve. 

2. Meredith Andrews "Christ is Enough" from "Deeper"

If you purchase her deluxe version, you would be rewarded with Andrews' stirring rendition of Hillsong Worship's "Christ is Enough."  While the original has chords keyed in far too high for the average worshipper, Andrews' version is far more comfortable and she brings in an immediacy as well as intimacy creating another shaft of dimension to this hymn-cum-song of commitment.

1. Vital Worship "My God is Stronger" from "Songs for the Living King Volume 2" 

Josh Bayne & The Classic City Collective's "My God is Stronger" is so catchy that it's a song you want to put on repeat.  Exalting the Lordship of Jesus over the wind and the waves, this is the type of song that will dispel all fears from our lives. 











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