Group 1 Crew's Manwell Reyes has Vocal Surgery and Plans New Album

Group 1 Crew

Frontman of CCM Group 1 Crew Manwell Reyes has had vocal surgery earlier this year.  He has been in recovery for most of the year so far, including two full months where he couldn't speak.  

Reyes updates us on his health: "Hey family! Ok so here's an update on my health. I've been able to talk now for the last 2 weeks and I'm allowed to go to vocal therapy in 2 weeks. If all that goes well then I should be able to start singing April 4th just in time for my wife's tour. We'll see what the Lord does but as always I'm grateful for your prayers! Love you."

With his full recovery expected soon, Reyes and his team are already in the process of making their new album. Group 1 Crew shot three music videos in three days. The project is currently tentatively slated for release in July. Here is a video (watch it here) where Reyes talks about his surgery as well as giving an encouraging mesage to fans.

Group 1 Crew made their debut with their hit song "Can't Go On" on WOW Hits 2007. Soon after they released their first EP I Have a Dream (2006), the band released their self-titled full-length debut studio album, Group 1 Crew, in February 2007. Their song "Love is a Beautiful Thing" charted into the Top 20 in May 2007 on R&R magazine's Christian chart.

The group's second studio album Ordinary Dreamers was released on September 16, 2008. Their popular radio single "Forgive Me" appeared on an episode of One Tree Hill. In September 2010, they released the album Outta Space Love which has proven to be their most mainstream effort yet, as many of the songs were used in America's Got Talent. 

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