Tim Bowman Jr. Unveils Cover Art and Tracklisting of "Listen"

tim bowman jr.

Tim Bowman, Jr. will release his much anticipated album Listen on May 6. The album features Bowman's #1 single "I'm Good." The new album is also executively produced by Rodney Jerkins who has had helmed records by Whtney Houston, Mary J. Blige, Sam Smith, and Michael Jackson. Bowman gracefully approaches the release of his second project with a seeming effortlessness that is traditionally found in veteran recording artists. It is this same unforced youthful maturity that is threaded throughout his music.

Tim's music continues to take hold of its listeners and allows them to experience grace and peace through the vehicle of his voice. A Detroit native, with lengthy roots in the music industry, it would only be a few short years into his life, that his musical destination would be determined amidst his family of musicians. 

As early as the age of 11, Tim accepted his calling and spend the next years of his life developing his voice into the rich and dynamic sound that audiences are moved to tears to by today. His voice was cultivated with the support of his father, renowned jazz guitarist, Tim Bowman and aunt, famed gospel singer, Vickie Winans. 

After recording such singles as "Shake Yourself Loose" (remix) and featured on Winans' hit song, "How I Got Over," they collectively guided him through the next stages of his musical career. Tim found himself ministering through music, touring with Winans, and being vocally coached by his father during these tender years. Because of his exceptional vocal ability, universal appeal, and harmonious presence, it would be legendary and transcending music producer, Rodney Jerkins that would sign Tim as one of his first artists to his newest label, Lifestyle Music Group.  


01. Listen (Morning)

02. Everybody Needs Love

03. Always on Time

04. I'm Good

05. Strength

06. Back To You

07. Listen (Evening)

08. Your Love

09. Always

10. Home

11. Without You

12. Better

13. I Won

14. Fix Me

15. Good Good Father 


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