Glen Campbell Gets a Grammy for His Final Song "I'm Not Gonna Miss You"

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One of the most moving moments at the Grammy Awards this year was when a Grammy was awarded to veteran singer and songwriter Glen Campbell. Campbell was recognized for the best country song to "I'm Not Gonna Miss You," the final song Campbell wrote with collaborator Julian Raymond. The song tells of Campbell's determination not to give up despite the toll that Alzheimer's disease. 

"It's such a tough category - country song - so I didn't want to get my hopes up," said Campbell's wife, Kim, who attended the pre-telecast portion of the awards ceremony, where winners in 73 of the total 83 categories were revealed. "When they announced his name, I was so thrilled he was being honored in that way," she said.

Campbell is now late in the sixth stage of Alzheimer's, which progresses through seven stages. Campbell has lost the ability to speak, though, "He still understands the universal language of smiles and laughter and joy."

Kim continues: "We told him (Glen), 'You're nominated for a Grammy Award, you're nominated for an Oscar!' but he doesn't understand what we're saying. Hopefully when we get back and I put the Grammy in his hands, he'll understand, and hopefully he can appreciate the honor that's been bestowed on him."

"I'm Not Gonna Miss You" also is among the Academy Award nominees for original song, in a category with songs from "The Lego Movie," "Beyond the Lights" "Begin Again" and "Selma." Campbell's song will be performed during the Feb. 22 Oscar telecast by country star Tim McGraw.

The soundtrack to the documentary is being released Tuesday by Nashville's Big Machine Records, the label that is also home to Taylor Swift and McGraw. 




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