Urban Rescue “Wild Heart” EP Review

Urban Rescue

Prime Cuts: Kaleidoscope, His Name, Recreate

The music of Urban Rescue is somewhere between the foot stomping nu-folk sounds of their boss Rend Collective and the polished pop patina of Hillsong Young and Free. This means that on one hand, they are not so electronically driven with auto-voicing and metallic beeps that you can't even discern if it's the sound of the computer or a human.  On the other hand, their band's titular is also indicative of their sound.  Urban Rescue isn't quite as experimental in their sounds as say Rend Collective is with their artful use of folky instruments.  Nevertheless, Urban Rescue, fronted by Jordan Frye, is indeed the first signee to Rend Collective's own imprint.  However, this quartet isn't exactly the new kids on the block.  On their own they have had released quite a stack of EPs.

"Wild Heart" is yet another EP of 5 songs.  It is preceded by the poetically-worded lead single "Kaleidoscope."  Contemporary worship music has often been criticized for being a basher of poetry.  And with platitudes such as "I need You" and "I love Jesus" proliferating countless worship songs, such a criticism is judiciously true.  Thank God, Urban Rescue eschews such clichés with "Kaleidoscope."  The song is essentially a heartfelt prayer to God to allow us to see the chaos and sufferings through his eyes.  Along similar trajectory is the EP opener "Recreate."  A rousing pop number that bears all the imprints of a future worship classic, "Recreate" utters the revival cry of Christians for God to do a work of the Spirit across our cities. 

"His Name" is the album's pulse.  Brimming with so much heartfelt emotions, this gorgeous worship ballad allows us to see a tender side of Frye's expressive tenor.  The title cut "Wild Heart" is a song Rend Collective would certainly covet.  Exploring their more folkish embellishments, "Wild Heart" certainly reminds us that this quartet can definitely color outside the lines well. More anonymous sounding is "Open Hands" which borrows too much from Newboys and All Things New glittering percussion gloss.  Despite being only 5 songs deep, Urban Rescue does angulate their unique identity on this record.  Never too rustic backward or too metallic cold, Urban Rescue is a name to watch. 


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