Regie Hamm Will Not Sing a Worship Song & He is No Longer Interested in Religion

Regie Hamm

In the year 2003, songwriter and singer Regie Hamm stunned the music world with his inspirational album American Dreams released on Universal South Records.  The album spawned the Top 20 hit "Babies," a track also cut by country veteran Tracy Byrd. In addition to his success in the CCM market. The song gained mainstream popularity after it was featured on Delilah Rene's nationally syndicated love-songs program.

Hamm also had a close connection with the Christian music scene as a songwriter.  He has penned songs for Bob Carlisle, Jaci Velasquez, and Clay Crosse. His most popular composition has to be Clay Crosse 1990s hit, entitled "I Surrender All."  Moreover, in 2008, Hamm wrote a song called "The Time of My Life" at the encouragement of his wife, Yolanda, an avid American Idol fan. He submitted the song for the American Idol Songwriting Competition, and won. The song became the finale song and first single for the winner of American Idol's seventh season, David Cook.

So, what's happening with Regie Hamm now? On his own blog, Hamm confesses that a writer's block is part of the reason why he's not having any new music out. "But after a string of hits and waves of money and a big, new contract, I found myself sitting at my piano, staring out the floor-to-ceiling windows of my secluded studio, into the 5 acre expanse of my new life. And for the first time IN my life, I suddenly had no idea how to construct a melody or a lyric or even where to start. My hands didn't even land on the keys the right way. It was as if I had forgotten how to do my job ...and it was terrifying.

I was called by a record label to write a melody to a lyric for a prominent artist of the time. The record executive who called me for the job was a friend of mine. I distinctly remember thrashing around on the piano trying to put awkward note choices together and it was a complete disaster. The exec/friend left me a voice message after receiving the melody (and I use the term "melody" loosely). His message went something like this ..."man, I'm really glad I know you're good at this. Otherwise, I'd think this was a submission from an amateur. Bro ...this is one of the worst things I've ever heard." CLICK. That's the last time he ever called me for anything again. You sure you want to get in this business?"

Though he's planing to release three albums this year, don't expect them to be an overtly Christian worship album. He vents: "At this point in my life, I'm not interested in religion in any sense. I don't attend church regularly. I don't quote scriptures to anyone. I don't write worship songs. My faith has become extremely personal and intimate. I also don't judge anyone for where they are in the process. I'm not trying to save your soul or change your mind." 

Hamm certainly doesn't want to be pegged as a Christian artist and he will not sing a worship song. "While shopping that project, I was asked by two different Christian Music label heads to take 4 specific songs off that record and replace them with 4 "standard" worship songs. Each label head promised me they could turn that record into a smash hit if I would just do that. I refused both, because I knew in my heart it would lead me right back to the spring of 1998 and massive headaches. I knew then ...and I know now ...that I'm not a worship leader/writer/person. Never have been. Don't want to be. It's just not what I do. And knowing who you are and what you do is essential to your creative self." 

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