Natalie Cole's Last Few Days According to Her Sisters

Natalie Cole

R&B, jazz and pop singer Natalie Cole passed away on December 31st.  A few days prior to her death, Natalie's sisters, Casey and Timolin few into Los Angeles to spend time with their seriously ill sibling over the festive period.  Cole died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Her family stated that at the time of her death, Cole had "ongoing health issues." According to Cole's publicist, Maureen O'Connor, the singer's death was the result of congestive heart failure.

The family, including Cole's son Robert Yancy, spent several days during Christmas keeping Natalie company.  Natalie thanked them for their support, saying, 'I love you all'. When Cole died, her son Robert was by her side in the hospital on New Year's Eve.

Casey, Natalie's sister told Daily Mail Online: 'It's heartbreaking, she's fought a very long battle and she's at peace now.'She passed last night and we were not with her as we are back in Florida, but she was in hospital with her son Robert, he was by her side.'

'My twin sister Timolin and I were with Natalie at Christmas time as a family. She told us that she loved us all," Casey continued. 'We're all heartbroken, I'll miss my sister very much. We're suffering but she's not. She's in heaven now and she's ringing in the new year in ways we don't know.'

Not only were Natalie's family members sad, David Foster who produced Natalie's Grammy winning album Unforgettable with Love says: "When we did Unforgettable, it was so great because we weren't doing it for the money or to sell CDs. We were doing it for a great mutual love of that kind of music," Foster says about Cole's tribute album to her father, legendary jazz singer Nat King Cole. "We had no clue it would strike a chord with anybody. We certainly didn't think it would get on pop radio. It was a monster hit."

In an interview with CBNmusic, Cole was a Christian who turned to God for help during her bouts with drugs, particularly heroin.  Though she had a ups and downs in her Christian walk, she firmly believes that the Lord is good.  "God surrounded me with people of faith, people of strong faith, people of power, spiritual power, and I saw little miracles happen in their lives. By it happening in their lives, I started believing it could happen to me. I'm a little like Thomas: I doubt. I know that the Lord is good, but I have been a doubter of His goodness for me." 

"Oh please, that's inborn in all of us to call on God. That's the first thing we say: 'Oh God, help me.' Why not? I think that's a part of what He put in us, and what we do with the rest of it is a choice we make. I think it is something that everybody knows about God. When you have put all your faith in man and continue to be disappointed, don't you hope there is something out of there that is not of human element?" 









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