Find Out How Tasha Cobbs Spent Her Second Christmas without Her Dad

Tasha Cobbs

Gospel music artist Tasha Cobbs has always been very close to her dad the Bishop Fritz Cobbs.  In 2014, 7 days after Cobbs won her first Grammy Award for her #1 hit song "Break These Chains," her dad passed away. 

"That was a week of my life that I would never ever forget. I told my Pastor I had to grow up in a week. You have to find another mature place in God. It's a bitter sweet moment," Cobbs said.

In an artcle published by Breathecast, Cobbs explained, "My father passing was very difficult but for my spiritual life it was one of the greatest things. I've experienced peace that surpasses all of my understanding. The joy of the Lord has really over shadowed me and that's what my father taught me anyway."

Tasha is the only daughter of Bishop Fritz Cobbs and Lady Bertha Cobbs. She grew up surrounded by a God-fearing, musical family. The singer served at her dad's church where she oversaw the church's music ministry.

Tasha attributes her dad for imparting to her a love for Jesus and the importance of the Bible in her life.  "My dad was real old school. You know, old school pastors don't miss nothing," she said. "They don't miss Bible study they don't miss Sunday morning so we literally would take vacation after Church on Sunday and get back before weekday service. One of the things that will always stick with me is that my father missed his last service on Sunday morning to be with me at the Stella's so that will always say his priorities were in order as it pertains to his family." 

This Christmas is the second Christmas Tasha spent without her dad.  So, how did she spent her Christmas?  In an interview with Essense, Cobbs revealed: "Actually, my mother is coming to spend Christmas with me in Atlanta this year. This is the first time. I'm so excited."    

"My mother is the best turkey burger maker ever. So on Christmas Eve some of my church family and friends are going to come over and Mama's going to make turkey burgers for them and we're going hang out, play some games, do some karaoke. Last week my entire family-that's cousins, aunts, uncles, everybody-each year we do a Christmas party at a family member's house. This year I hosted and it was absolutely amazing. Every year I look forward to every one of my family's traditions. When my grandparents passed away we all agreed that we would always celebrate Christmas together. If it has to be a week or two before or after we make sure that we celebrate together. I had that last week and my Mama's coming this week. It's a great season."

2015 has been a great year for Tasha. Her album One Place Live, which debuted at #1 on Billboard's Gospel charts, earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Gospel Album. Further, her performance at the Soul Train Awards had everyone talking. 

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