Chris Brown Prays Fans Will Purchase "Royalty" & Talks About His Faith

Chris Brown

On December 18th, Chris Brown released his seventh allbum "Royalty."  The album is named after his 1-year-old daughter, whom he shares with model Nia Guzman-Amey. Brown is praying that this Christmas, fans will purchase his new album.  

"Nothing is impossible. I just hope and pray that all this hard work and long restless nights in the studio pays off," Brown tweeted. "Wrote and directed all eight videos with my album. Storyline, action, fun, then most important is responsibility. I just pray you buy it."

Brown is donating $1 from every album he sells to Children's Miracle Network, a nonprofit that raises money and awareness for children's health.  "You have these platforms and these positions as an artist. ... It only matters if you help people along the way," Brown said on host Ryan Seacrest's radio show earlier this month.

Chris Brown was born and raised in Tappahannock, Virginia. He is a born-again Christian who got his start as a singer in his church choir. In an article that appeared at, Brown speaks of his upbringing: "It was difficult growing up. We didn't have everything we wanted. We were used to two pairs of shoes for a school year. We used to go to church every day. I was one of those kids that had more church clothes than school clothes."

Church was where Brown picked up his music. "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday we had choir rehearsal and the band, the whole nine. So being able to get that music lesson was also a blessing in itself," Brown said. "It was also a discipline. I think my mom knew what she was doing like, 'OK I'm going to keep you out the streets and put you in the church first.'"

The singer-songwriter and dancer recalled one incident where he experienced the Holy Ghost while performing "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" in church. "The first time I performed, wow I was in church. I was about nine or 10...I finally got a chance to perform it and it was emotional," Brown recalled. "I started crying for no reason and my mother was like 'that's the Holy Ghost baby.'"



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