Dee Black Talks About Why He Left Secular Music in Order to Make "Life Music" for God

Dee Black

Dee Black began this journey of music at the age of 16. His great talent had been validated with success in the secular arena. Early in his music career, he had the opportunity to share the stage with well-known artists such as NAS, The Roots, and many others. Although successful, Dee Black was not truly fulfilled. It was not until the age of 23, that he completely surrendered his gift to the one who gave it to him in the first place. Dee Black is an "extraordinary anointed and gifted artist". He lives what he speaks......that solidifies his music!

Hallels:  Thanks for doing this interview with us.  Let's start with yourself, earlier in your career you have shared the stage with well known artists such as NAS, the Roots, and many others.  Tell us a little about this part of your life.

I started rapping at the age of 16 after a friend  formed a group called LMS.  They had great success and became celebrities in the Md area. I didnt take rapping serious and saw it as a hobby. They eventually landed on rap city and I recognized the possibilities of taking the music serious. I graduated high school and joined the marine corps. During my time there I worked on my craft and returned home focused. That same friend who formed the group asked me to go to the studio on day  after hearing me rap for him. Long story short I was offered a one album deal with a small independent label. My first single named Baltimore anthem did well and I was given an opportunity to be managed by okay players management. Their artist included the roots, and multiple Philadelphia artist. They gave me the opportunity to open for multiple acts as well as learn from some great artist.

Hallels:  Why then did you decide to leave the secular side of music and sing for the Lord?

I was doing well in the secular arena and was offered a seven album seven figure deal.  I told my wife about it though at the time we were only dating. She gave me her Pastors number and told me to seek spiritual counsel about the decision. I felt like I would be betraying the people who helped me get there because they wanted only me and I was loyal to my team. I had never attended church much and was not saved. The pastors only focus was knowing if I had a relationship with Jesus. It really intrigued me that he did not care about all the money I was making or the fame that awaited me. I agreed to meet him and come to a service. I got saved and realized the music i was making was degrading to women, glorifying drugs and promoted  killing. I realized I could no longer  be apart of that lifestyle. I walked away from it and never looked back.

Hallels:  How would you describe your style of music?

I would describe my music as "life music". While it is heavily influenced by my Hip Hop background. The focus is on the gospel and how to apply it to everyday life.

Hallels:  You have a new single out named "God."  For our readers who have not heard it, what's the song about?

The song is a statement about who God is and the power that comes with that name. The name GOD has become powerless to those who use it in vain. Some compare or liken themselves to God with no reverence for who God is.  The hook sums it up by saying My God is greater, when you see me you see my savior, One day we will see him in glory. 

Hallels:  In what ways have we taken God's name in vain?

In the music industry and entertainment industry, God's name is used by people to describe their dominance or popularity. It has become a normal thing and it has desensitized us.  I remember being younger and when God's name was mentioned there was a sense of fear and respect. Now his name is mocked openly and those who do reverence and use his name are seen as religious fanatics.

Hallels:  Are you working on a follow-up album?  When will it be released?

I am currently working on a album set to release late next year. I also have an E.P that will be released in spring 2016 featuring the Single God. 

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to know more about you and your music, where can they go?

You can go to to learn more about me.  Sign up for my email list to stay updated and to receive free downloads and giveaways.  

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