Mechelle Johnson: Bringing a New Sound of Gospel, Jazz & Neo-Soul to Christian Music

mechelle johnson

Mechelle Johnson is a vocalist who blends sophisticated elements of Jazz and Soul into her style of Gospel Music.  Mechelle made her debut into the genre by releasing her first and well received single "Urgent" this summer and has now released her second single "Thanks For Loving Me Too".The Memphis based songstress has a full-time career as a schoolteacher, but has embraced her gift of music and ministry with her whole heart and soul.  Her passion for people and music ministry reflect in her sincere worship and in her warm, loving personality. 

Hallels:  Mechelle, thanks for your time.  I believe you are a school teacher by profession, how did you feel God's call to sing too?

Thanks so much for having me! Yes, I am a teacher & I've been teaching almost 15 years now. I've loved singing since I was young, and my dad was a pastor at the time, so I grew up singing in church and in choirs at school.  I did, however, stop singing for a while and then early last year while at church our pastor asked everyone to write down what we were trusting God for in the coming year. My husband and I wrote things down and laid them at the Alter. You know what unbelievers call coincidence, believers call confirmation! God gave us that confirmation throughout the entire year on everything we had written!  He let us know that it was time for me to start singing again to fulfill HIS purpose through this music ministry.

Hallels:  What were the circumstances that led you to record your first two singles?

My husband Al began writing songs almost 15 years ago, but we never did anything with them. He has written over 30 songs, and is still writing today. As I said earlier, God gave us both confirmation that it was time to start recording our music and sharing it with the world. And although the songs were written years ago, they're still relevant today. Funny, my dad had been encouraging me to record all of my adult life. When the Holy Spirit says move, it's time to move and we did so obediently.

Hallels:  How would you describe your sound and style of music? 

My music is a blend of traditional gospel, jazz and a mix of neo-soul. It's music that you can listen to while relaxing, working or worshipping. I think it's encouraging, inspiring and entertaining while maintaining the integrity of the Holy Scriptures.

 Hallels:  How do you balance your time between teaching and singing?

It's not easy, but God always helps me find a way to make it work. He has allowed me to do some amazing things in the past year without compromising the responsibility I have to my students. In fact, last year I was named teacher of the year. Of course with summer vacation, that helps us to better schedule throughout the school year. God has always made a way!

Hallels:  Tell us more about your singles.  Let's start with "Urgent."  What's the story behind this song?  Why did you record it?

"Urgent" was one of the first songs Al wrote about 12 years ago.  Just talking about the state of the world and how so many people call what's good evil, and what's evil good struck a cord. It's also about how urgent it was and is that people of God get outside the four walls of the church and be disciples as Jesus told us. With "Urgent" I wanted the song to be entertaining, yet just laid back enough to minister to people when they aren't in church. I'm thankful that a snippet of "Urgent" was cleverly covered during an episode of "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" earlier this year. That was awesome!

Hallels:  For our readers who may not have heard your new single "Thank You for Loving Me Too," what's the song about?

I love "Thanks for Loving Me Too"! This song is a testimony. This too is one of my husband's earlier songs. I've always enjoyed talking to him about the word of God. And, as you know, the bible is full of stories about God's love for us. "Thanks for Loving Me Too" has a few examples of that love. It's a celebratory song of thanksgiving showing no matter what, God loves me and you too. I really pray that people connect with it.

 Hallels:  Are you preparing your debut album now?  If so, tell us more. Who are you working with? When will it be released?

I'm currently planning to release a series of singles to include an amazing, jazzy single to follow "Thanks for Loving Me Too" in early 2016 with more singles coming later in that year.  A debut EP may also follow at some point.  I have a talented producer, Terry Poindexter, who has worked with other well-known artists and I'm really excited about what's to come.

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to find out more about you or your music, where can they go?

They can follow me on Facebook

On Twitter @MechelleJMusic

At my website

My music is available on all digital outlets- Amazon & iTunes just to name a few, and I would like to remind everyone, when searching, just remember that Mechelle is spelled with an 'e'. J





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