Justin Bieber on Faith: "I Just Wanna Honestly Live Like Jesus"

Justin Bieber

Pop icon Justin Bieber, in an interview with Billboard, talked about his aspiration and faith. "I just wanna honestly live like Jesus. Not be Jesus -- I could never -- I don't want that to come across weird. He created a pretty awesome template of how to love people and how to be gracious and kind. If you believe it, he died for our sins." 

Bieber also shared with Billboard about his at times challenging relationship with the church. "I think that going to church is fellowship, it's relationship, it's what we're here on the earth to do... Like I said, you don't need to go to church to be a Christian. If you go to Taco Bell, that doesn't make you a taco." 

Bieber has always been open about Christian faith.  He has been seen to attend Hillsong Church's campus in New York City, and has also been bapized by the campus' pastor.  Earlier in the year, the singer even flew to Australia to attend Hillsong's Annual Conference.

Bieber also addressed other issues in an interview in Complex magazine.

"Growing up, I literally got my identity through being good at stuff," he said.

"I think that also got me in trouble when I was young, because people don't like when people are good at stuff. They just hate on it, and that has a lot to do with my hate in general."

The Baby singer will be hoping that despite the "hate" that haunts his career, his new album will still be a worldwide smash when it's released in November.



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