Watch Two of XXI's Lyric Videos from their New Album "Inside Out" Here

inside out

Metallic rock band XXI's debut TNN release "Inside Out" is out now! You can download the album from iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.  Hailing from Central Kentucky and formerly known as A Feast For Kings, the band initially formed in 2010 and quickly grew from a hobby into a formidable band. Their independently released 2014 EP (Hell On Earth) even reached #5 on the iTunes metal chart.


01. Say It Again
02. Hanging by a Thread
03. Counting Me Out
04. Wasn't Enough
05. All I Want
06. Misfit
07. Cut Me Open
08. Alive
09. Without You
10. Way You Love Me 

They have released two lyric videos "All I Want" and "Say It Again" from "Inside Out," which has been released on September 18th!

"All I Want" Lyric Video:

"Wasn't Enough" Music Video

"Say It Again" Lyric Video:



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